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A Preview for NWA POWERRR that air at 6:05 Eastern on FITE TV as part of the NWA Subscription Package

Tonight’s episode of NWA Powerrr is the last one before our next pay-per-view – When Our Shadows Falls, Live on June 6th at 4pm ET. The NWA World Tag Team Titles are on the line as champions Aron Stevens and Kratos defend against The War Kings (Crimson & Jax Dane), NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis is in action, Kamille and Thunder Rosa meet in a rematch for the number one contendership for the NWA Women’s World Title, and in our main event, we have a 14 Man Battle Royale to decide who will challenge Nick Aldis for his Ten Pounds of Gold at When Our Shadows Fall!

*lineup subject to change

FITE TV Preview

World Tag Team Titles On The Line

Last week, the NWA established number one contenders for the World Tag Team Champions. With Adonis and Latimer refusing to compete on POWERRR, Corgan stripped the pair of the the number one contendership. In one of the biggest Hoss matches in the NWA, The War Kings defeated The End in controversial fashion. Dane would suplex Odinson, followed up with an off the top elbow drop from Crimson. However, is was very clear that Odinson was able to lift his shoulder before the three count. Despite the fact that War Kings were able to get their footing in the NWA, this was their first victory in the NWA since New Year’s Clash.

Kratos and Stevens won the NWA Tag Team Titles in October 2020, on Prime Time LIVE. They haven’t defended their tag team titles nor have they wrestled a tag team match. When Steven’s turned over a new leaf while wrestling Aldis, discord broke out in the tag team. The duo were able to put their differences aside to defeat Marshe Rockett and Fred Rosser. The Last time the Tag Team titles were defended on POWERRR on January 26th 2020, when Eli Drake and James Storm defeated the Bouncers.

Mims vs. Aldis

Mims one on the very first episode of NWA POWERRR. Mims hasn’t had much success through his career in the NWA. He and various partners have lost to the Wild Cards, The Dawsons, and Eli Drake and James Storm. He’s lost to Tyrus. His luck had changed with victories teaming with Slice boogie against the War Kings. He defeated his mentor Jeremiah Plunkett. However, he could not beat Matt Cross in his last match which was a TV Title qualifying match.

The National Treasure, Nick Aldis became Worlds Heavyweight Champion by beating Cody Rhodes. It was the second time Aldis won the title. Aldis had lost the title to Cody at All In, about eight weeks earlier. Since winning the title on October 21st 2018, Nick Aldis has wrestled 41 times. Of his 41 matches, he has defended the Worlds Heavyweight Championship 28 times. Since NWA POWERRR started in October of 2019, the champion has had 11 title defense. On episodes of POWERRR, Aldis has defended the title twice. Aldis has two defenses scheduled, the first of which would be June 6th at the NWA PPV, “When Our Shadows Fall.” If victorious he will face Trevor Murdoch on July 24th 2021 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Tonight’s match seems to be as much as a tune up for the Worlds Champion, more so than anything else.

Thunder Rosa vs. Kamille winner meets Serena Deeb

On May 19th on AEW Dynamite Serena Deeb defended her World Woman’s Championship against Red Velvet. Deeb is scheduled to be at the June 6th Pay Per View When Our Shadows Fall. It stands to reason that the title will be on the line in a match with either Thunder Rosa or Kamille.

Rosa has been on a winning streak. In the past two months she has defeated Diamante, Shawna Red, Rene Michelle, Willow Nighingale, Lady Frost, Roby Renegade, Jazmin Allure and Jennacide. On the last episode of POWERRR, Rosa took the match with Jennacide, when the match with Kamille was rescheduled. It will be nice to actually have these two in the ring to settle their score. The war between Thunder Rosa and Kamille kicked off at Back for the Attack. A number one contenders match was set up to see who would face Serena Deeb when she returned from injury. Kamille would win that match, but afterwards dedicated her time to torturing Rosa. It started off with a rogue spear during the middle of a Mission Pro Showcase match. Kamille would continue mock the former women’s champion.

After two summits, Kamille would put up her opportunity to wrestle for the title, if Rosa would put up her freedom. Although many talents in the NWA have the freedom to work elsewhere, Thunder Rosa has become a regular for AEW. Her popularity is soaring. Kamille looks at her success as being disrespectful to the NWA. If Thunder Rosa does not win the title opportunity from Kamille, she will no longer be able to wrestle outside of a NWA Ring.

14 Man Battle Royal For Number One Contenders Match

This may be the most controversial match in NWA History. 14 men will enter the ring and a Battle Royal will determine who challenges for Aldis’ Ten Pounds of Gold. The stipulations for this match prohibit any current champion from entering. Feeling the cards were becoming stacked against the Champion, the Dealer reshuffled. Having his teammates in Strictly Business forfeit their World Tag Title Match to ensure their entry in the Battle Royal. Latimer and Adonis were issued warnings by NWA President Billy Corgan and were stripped of the number one contender status. However, Adonis should still be precluded because of his National Championship. We could see a formal announcement made before the Battle Royal

From advanced media, we know that there will be more than 14 men in this rumble. Released photos have shown the following names for the battle royal.

  • Mims
  • Jordan Clearwater
  • Marshe Rockett
  • Sal Rinauro
  • Tyrus
  • Jeremiah Plunkett
  • Thomas Latimer
  • Odinson
  • Parrow
  • Crimson
  • Jax Dane
  • Fred Rosser
  • Trevor Murdoch
  • Slice Boogie
  • Matt Cross

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