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On this week’s SuperPowerrr edition of NWA Powerrr, Matt Cross and Mims battle in a TV Title qualifying match, Sal Rinauro has a rematch against Kratos, Jax Dane takes on Slice Boogie in a Falls Count Anywhere match, and the NWA Tag Team Championships are on the line!

FITE TV Preview

Slice Boogie vs. Jax Dane

On August 29th 2015, Jax Dane became NWA Worlds Champion in San Antonio, Texas. He defeated New Japan’s Hiroyoshi Tenzan at Branded Outlaw Wrestling. By winning the Ten Pounds of Gold, Jax Dane became the Grand Slam Champion. He was a former World Tag Team, North American, and National Champion. Dane will go down in history as the last man to do this. When Billy Corgan purchased the NWA, Jax Dane was now in a tag team with Crimson, the War Kings. The War Kings had several victories in the NWA. At the 70th Anniversary show they defeated Crazzy Steve and Shannon Moore. At New Years Clash Dane and Crimson defeated Jay Bradley and Caleb Konley. Dane has suffered a few losses too. War Kings came up short against Royce Isaacs and Thomas Latimer at Crockett Cup 2019. He also lost his debut on NWA POWERRR against Jax Dane. He hasn’t been able to get his momentum going forward so far during NWA POWERRR either. And Slice Boogie has found away to expose this.

Slice Boogie had swagger heading into the return of the National Wrestling Alliance. Swagger built on being the 2019 SoCal Uncensored Rookie of the Year. Swagger built on a huge victory against Danny Limelight. Strong outings against Karl Fredericks and Davey Boy Smith Jr. from Prime Time LIVE. That swagger has continued to turn heads going forward with his victory at the Back for the Attack PPV Fatal Four Way. Defeating Jordan Clearwater, Crimson and Jax Dane set up his momentum. He has gone onto defeat Jeremiah Plunkett. And even in a match that would seemingly benefit his opponents War Kings, Boogie’s team was victorious. But when falls count anywhere, who will come out on top?

Rosa & Kamille Summit

There may be no richer prize in Women’s than the Burke. The NWA World Woman’s Championship has been held by many greats include Mildred Burke, the Fabulous Moolah, and in recent years Jazz. Thunder Rosa and Kamille both want to be the next champion. The Women’s Wrestling Summit did little to clear the air last time. Kamille’s repeated attacks on Thunder Rosa are sending a message. But Thunder Rosa is a fighter.

Sal Rinauro vs. JR Kratos

This isn’t the first time these two have faced each other on an episode of POWERRR. We wrote about it here. However, it has become apparent that Sal Rinauro has become the bane of JR Kratos’ existence. There is no other way to understand why the NWA World Tag Team Champion cannot control himself. Their first encounter, his own partner Aron Stevens efforted to stop Kratos from “going to far.” Kratos primal instincts cost them the match as he was distracted by Tim Storm and didn’t finish of Rinauro for the victory. And then when the pair of Sal and Kratos would face off again, fueled by rage, Kratos couldn’t gain the victory. This ruthless aggression from Kratos has become and issue for his partner Aron Stevens, but has led to courtship by Strictly Business. Whatever happens in this match tonight, make no mistake, it will have implications for the tag team champions down the rode, maybe even tonight.

Matt Cross vs. Mims TV Title Contender Match

In 2018, Matt Cross had wrestled a match with Nick Aldis in Newport, Tennessee, for the NWA World Title. Although Aldis would have his hand raised in victory, the match tore down the house. Aldis has said that was one of his best matches since wining the title. Cross would face Willie Mack at the NWA New Years Clash for the National Championship. The fans loved that match, but Cross couldn’t score the victory. In the first round, Ricky Starks would defeat Cross at NWA Hard Times PPV. That was the first round match of the TV Title Tournament. Starks would go on to win the TV Title. The pair would have a rematch of sorts the next night that would reach the 6:05 time limit draw. Matt Cross is a man running out of opportunities. He’s been unable to unseat a champion. And for the past few weeks of POWERRR, he’s failed to even win a qualifying match for an opportunity to face the TV Champion. A loss tonight, might be the end for Matt Cross and his time in the NWA.
Mims has been on a winning streak as of late. Mims appeared on the very first episode of NWA POWERRR. And although he wasn’t successful he has gotten better as an athlete ever since. On a winning streak, with victories over his mentor Jeremiah Plunkett and a tag team victory over the War Kings. Mims looks to cash in on his momentum to get a shot at Television Champion. But he’s going to have to defeat a very wily veteran in Matt Cross.

Ten Pound of Gold Bombshell

Nobody loves to stir the pot more than the Real Worlds Champion, Nick Aldis. Joe Galli in his own right dropped a bombshell on Aldis so to speak, on POWERRR SURGE. Indicating to Aldis that the winner of a 14 Man Battle Royal will be made the number one contender to the Ten Pounds of Gold. For obvious reasons, this didn’t sit well with the World Champion. The Worlds Heavyweight Champion will be looking to elaborate on this subject this week.

World Tag Team Championship Match

Apparently being the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion gives you the authority to make matches as well. The Dealer, Nick Aldis mentioned last week on POWERRR SURGE Episode 2, that Strictly Business were getting a tag title shot. His boys Thomas Latimer and Chris Adonis, besides Boogie and Mims, have the only other tag team victor since POWERRR returned. Latimer and Adonis defeated The End (Parrow and Odinson) on Episode 24 of POWERRR.
Aron Stevens and Kratos might be slim pickings. The duo have struggled to find cohesion since the NWA has returned. Kratos was the mystery partner for Stevens when they faced former champions Eli Drake and James Storm. The two haven’t agreed on anything since. The constant chaos does lend a lot of faith in a long tag team run. With Kratos pulling double duty and recently allying with Strictly Business, there is some concern for Stevens.

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