Alliance Editorial: What’s going on in North Carolina?

With in a matter of months Charlotte, North Carolina has become a hot topic in the world of professional wrestling when it comes to the National Wrestling Alliance.   For years Charlotte was known as the home of the 4 Horsemen or Flair Country, but in more recent times has become the physical office of the NWA by way of Bob Trobich, the executive director.  In what once was a hotbed for Jim Crocket Promotions and Mid-Atlantic Wrestling before that made Charlotte a regular stop for the mighty NWA.  And the fans rejoiced with it was announced in 2008 that JD Costello and Jay Joyce would bring live wrestling back to Charlotte.  And after half a dozen shows, a bunch of broken promises, and wrestlers complaining of non-payment NWA Charlotte collapsed on top of itself. 
After months of no NWA action, Greg Price had come to terms with the NWA to launch his new efforts in conjunction with his Legends Festivals, NWA New Beginnings, which announced a monthly show starting on Valentine’s day.  Shortly after Price’s announcement, Costello start popping off about a return for NWA Charlotte, which would mean that the NWA would have two promotions in Charlotte along with three more promotions promoting the NWA in North Carolina: NWA Carolinas, NWA Mid-Atlantic, and NWA Fusion affiliate: NWA Warzone, for a total of five separate NWA promotions in North Carolina.
The biggest announcement from Costello’s group came December 25th when he announced via the NWA Charlotte website (the cached version of NWA Charlotte), said that the first event  of the New Year is scheduled for January 23, 2010 at Metrolina Expo Center, Charlotte.  The site also  announced that Costello  and Joyce were joining a  NWA Superpower with Bill Behrens, Bob Trobich and Slim Baucom.  However  this was all smoke and mirrors, Behrens had mentioned that his words were taken out of context and now the NWA Charlotte site redirects to CWA, a non NWA wrestling promotion.
So what is going on in the NWA, in regards to Charlotte?  Is there a NWA Superpower or is this much ado about nothing?  It is becoming more apparent that NWA Charlotte is even more dead in December of 2009 as it was in July of 2009.  But the good news is the NWA isn’t dead in Charlotte.  From all reports I’ve seen, this deal with Trobich, Behrens, and Baucom is real.  Apparently Trobich will be promoting the events while Behrens will be booking the events.  This will make Bill quite the busy guy, producing for both NWA Anarchy and NWA Main Event.  And if we can believe any of the quotes from NWA Charlotte’s page, Bob Trobich is interested in producing a National Television program right from Charlotte, complete with National Titles being represented on its shows. 
NWA New Beginnings will also be producing live events and plan to have the NWA National Champion on their monthly offerings.  There is also talk with Worlds Heavyweight Champion Blue Demon Jr. debuting in Charlotte. And with New Beginnings already announcing talents like Phil Shatter, Chase Stevens, Caprice Coleman, Mr. Mid-Alantic Damien Wayne, Zack Salvation, the “Man Scout” Jake Manning, Caleb Konley, Josh Magnum, and Brad Attitude, NWA New Beginnings will bring the goods.

All the Super Power talk is a much ado about nothing.  Neither promotion has ran a single card yet so any number of things can happen.  The cynic in me knows that wrestling promoters often make huge grandiose promises and rarely deliver.  NWA New Beginnings should benefit for the good will that Greg Price has earned through out the years promoting the NWA Legend Fan Fest.  If the announced roster remains the same when New Beginnings opens its doors, the fans in Charlotte should certainly be there.  NB will be fine.  I’m not entirely convinced that Trobich will be as successful.  Obviously adding Bill Behrens to the mix lends a lot of credibility.  I’m not sure what role, if any Slim Baucom will have.  I would be surprised to see this fledgling promotion instantly get television and be successful.  I do hope the new project will take off and wish the best of luck to this new group and New Beginnings.

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