All In: Today the NWA Has Arrived

May 13th, the press conference that has ushered in a brave new world, the new era of all in, set the stage for what’s happened this very day. Even though this was the day, that changes the wrestling world (brought to us on the backs of Cody Rhodes, Nick and Matt Jackson).  With some of the biggest names in pro wrestling and what’s sure to be a day that will live in infamy, because today’s the day NWA has arrived.

The term do it yourself with regards to wrestling isn’t new. Colt Cabana paved the way for like-minded individuals, by handling his own merchandise, his podcast, and even creating the on the road video series. His DIY ingenuity helped to create an opening for more talent created content.  Cabana success along with Pearce’s ingenuity created the seven levels of hate. Of course this led up to Joey Ryan and being able to go viral on a whims notice.  And lets not forget the Being The Elite Series, which rocketed the Young Bucks, along with Kenny Omega, Marty Scurll, Adam Page and Cody’s popularity eliminating, the need for a wrestling promotion to put Talent over. The talent figured out a way to do it themselves.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, that the NWA would be involved with all in. The connection to Dusty Rhodes a side, this NWA is very different then in years past. The collaborative with other wrestling promotions, showcasing a true world champion all over the world on the backs of Billy Corgan, David Lagana, and Nick Aldis. And in one year’s time, managed to forge a working relationship with the hottest trio in town. The lineage, history, and tradition of the NWA is merely icing on the cake. The videos produced by Lagana;  showcasing Cody Rhodes desires to be world champion and Nick Aldis’ utter refusal to give up his spot light has added a whole new layer to the Ten Pounds of Gold Series. All In didn’t need the NWA, it was going to sell out with or without the Legendary Ten Pounds of Gold.

running just a few hours when a world heavyweight champion will be determined, it will have the most lasting emotional attachment so any match booked.

All in has already proved What set out to do. It’s launched wrestling’s Woodstock. It’s building up the wrestling economy. It’s sold out of 10000 seat Arena. But what it’s done, that nobody was expecting was making the NWA relevant once again.

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