Aldis says POWERRR will return this Spring

According to NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis, NWA POWERRR is expected to begin taping in the Spring.

Nick Aldis joined the “The Wrestling’s Cool Podcast” this past week and spoke about the difficulties the NWA faced while during the pandemic. The NWA was able to captivate an audience with its take on old school style wrestling presentation. Aldis says POWERRR will return this Spring.


673,000 people have watched the premiere of NWA POWERRR since it debuted on October 8th, 2019 via YouTube. And for six months it was the main vehicle the NWA used to push merchandise and pay per view sales. Patterned after the Jim Crockett Promotions era of studio-style wrestling, POWERRR had a nostalgic feel. Each episode of POWERRR would last 45 minutes. Filmed inside Georgia Public Broadcasting Studios, the program would showcase NWA wrestling. New episodes would release on YouTube, Tuesdays at 6:05 PM Eastern.

The show would see the rise of stars like Ricky Starks, Eddie Kingston, Zicky Dice, and Thunder Rosa. Aldis was the main antagonist who would use any means necessary to keep his crown. POWERRR would feature; Tag Team Champions, Woman’s Champion, National Champion, and Television Champion.

The show was last filmed in January of 2020 but was to begin filming again in April. Due to Covid, all future tapings got canceled. Rumors of the show’s return started when Woman’s Champion Serena Deeb mentioned tapings in January. Yet, those tapings didn’t happen.

Since the last episode of POWERRR, the NWA looks and feels a bit different. New champions were crowned in every division, except the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Thanks to Prime Time LIVE new champions were crowned and aired on YouTube as NWA Shockwave. Deeb is the Woman’s World Champion, she defeated Thunder Rosa. Trevor Murdoch is the National Champion, he put an end to his feud with Aron Stevens. Elijah Burke became the Television Champion by defeating Dice. Stevens and JR Kratos became the NWA Tag Team Champions defeating Eli Drake and James Storm.

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