Fifteen opponents scheduled for the National Treasure. Fifteen opponents defeated. With the eyes of the eight time NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Harley Race watching, Nick Aldis claimed victory yet again. Saturday Night would end like most nights for the champion, with
his King Lynn Clover Leaf (a variation of the move made famous by Dean Malenko.)

The celebration of World League Wrestling and Handsome Harley took cener stage. Many in attendance were to see the legend himself. The father seconded his son to the ring. Leland, whom mostly wrestles in the Midsouth has also spent time working for New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2016 and was a regular for Pro Wrestling NOAH in 2013 under the name Jason Jones.

“I really hope this match comes off on tape as great as it was in house. It was a cavernous space with about 500 in attendance that was audibly disappointed when Leland was forced to submit.” — Twitter user WWLTD He continued “‘The Legacy’ Leland Race at WLW fought his heart out, in an old school classic, and should hold his head high.”

For Nick Aldis the match at the Crockett Cup 2019 looms on the horizon as he is scheduled to defend his long time friend Marty Scurll in what many are saying is his highest profile opponent since Cody.

Also at the WLW Night of Champions 4, saw Jon Webb successfully defend against Jack Gamble, the People’s Tag Team successfully defended against Alpha Omega. Lucy Mendez defeated Stacey O’Brien to capture the Ladies Title. And Da’Marius Jones defeated Jayden Domic Rose to become the WLW Junior Champion.

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