Aftershock Powerrr | NWA Ten Pounds of Gold 60 (2019)

This sizzle reel from the NWA gives you a look at how not only management and talent feel about POWERRR, but also reminds the fans of how the fans feel about POWERR

NWA Ten Pounds of Gold has documented the journey of Billy Corgan and David Lagana mission to bring the National Wrestling Alliance back to prominence Get more information at Since October 2017, The NWA has moved forward focusing on the tradition, legacy and #TenPoundsOfGold. With the debut of NWA Powerrr, the brand takes a leap forward by presenting studio wrestling as fans remember but in a format easily digestible for the digital age we live in today.

Lightning One produced #NWAPowerrr like #TenPoundsOGold for a generation of wrestling fans consuming content across multiple platforms and on their time.

Stars like Nick Aldis, Eli Drake, James Storm, Allysin Kay, The Wild Cards, Jim Cornette and Joe Galli on commentary. The energy, spirit, and tradition of pro wrestling is out of the dark and is in line with the culture consuming content in this Digital Age.

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