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Saturday Night, Ohio Valley Wrestling pit two National Champions against each other. At Nightmare Rumble, Chris Adonis and Jessie Godderz fought in a first-time match-up, billed as title vs title. The match would end in disqualification with shenanigans from Earl Heppner who was the special referee.

Adonis was a regular for Ohio Valley Wrestling. OVW served as developmental for the WWE. A product of Southern California’s UPW Adonis signed with the WWE in 2003. He was assigned to OVW for further development. Adonis would even become tag team champions in OVW with former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright.

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This wasn’t Godderz’s first overture at the NWA. Jessie challenged Da Pope on June 26th, 2021 at Chained Carnage. It was Da Pope’s homecoming to OVW. And oddly enough, it was billed as a title vs title match. Godderz wasn’t successful that night.

During the course of the bout, Godderz second Shannon the Dude was ejected from ringside, because of interference. Godderz accidentally collided with special guest referee Earl Hebner. A second referee took over the match. The referee was knocked out when he collided with Adonis. A third referee arrived ringside as Adonis would connect with a Sky High and get a three count on Godderz. Chris Adonis’ victory didn’t last long.

Unfortunately, Hebner would throw out this decision as he had regained his faculties. He restarted the match. Adonis locked in the Masterlock, but Godderz was able to reach the ropes. Once free, Godderz used his title to hit Adonis. This would cause Godderz to be disqualified. Post-match, Hebner would remove his stripes to reveal a Jessie Godderz t-shirt, which added to the tomfoolery.

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