Adam Pearce Says NWA "Finally Did Something Right!"

CHARLOTTE, NC — (March 8, 2010) — Former NWA World Heavyweight champion Adam Pearce claims “the NWA Board of Directors finally did something right,” and touts NWA: New Beginnings this Sunday as the place where he will regain his world championship after a 2-year struggle with the organization for a rematch.

Pearce, who’s also the current booker for Ring of Honor, lost the NWA World championship on a very controversial decision back in October 2008. A dazed Pearce clearly had an arm under the ropes as the referee awarded the match to current champion Blue Demon Jr.

The NWA Board stood by the referee’s decision, and Pearce has been on a long campaign seeking a rematch against the very popular and well-liked Blue Demon Jr.

The current champ — the first ever masked man or hispanic to ever hold the coveted “10 Pounds of Gold” — was originally scheduled to face North Carolina native and current NWA National champ Phill Shatter.

Shatter, a former Marine known as the “Universal Soldier,” became number one contender for the world title with a win over Pearce last month in Charlotte.

But after some fierce lobbying from NWA: New Beginnings, wanting to settle the issue once and for all, the NWA Board of Directors has sanctioned the first-ever 3-way elimination match for the NWA World Championship.

Pearce. Demon. Shatter. Three men enter. Two men will be eliminated. The remaining combatant will no doubt be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

It all takes place this Sunday afternoon, March 14 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this history-making event. For more info and to purchase advance tickets, please visit and click on the New Beginnings banner!

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