Adam Pearce is a Dead Man! Or my preview of the next 3 weeks of NWA World Championship Matches

Anyone familiar with this website or myself would know that I’m a staunch supporter of the reigning Worlds Heavyweight Champion, “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce. But even I have to second guess the Worlds Champion grueling schedule for the month of August. And with each grain of sand that drops, Adam Pearce’s reign as Worlds Heavyweight Champion could be drawing to an end.
It is a fairly common understanding that the World Champion must defend his title no less than once a month. And under the current direction of the National Wrestling Alliance, the World Champion is usually given a little leeway on these rules. Previous champions have really only averaged a defenses a month. But since March, “Scrap Daddy” has defended that title quite regularly and more than he has had too. Winning the title in March, defending once in April, twice in May, and three times in June. And as July comes to an end, the World Champion will defend for the second time tomorrow night and then fly directly to Columbus Ohio to defend again on Sunday. That’s not all, because only a mere seven days of back to back defense against two apt opponents, Adam defends against two more opponents at the NWA Legends Fan Fest. If those defenses are successful, he faces yet another opponent a mere week after that.
Ryan Taylor is quite possibly the most underrated challenger to the champion in the series of defenses. Taylor is a young, hungry pro wrestler based out of the NWA Pro affiliate Empire Pro Wrestling. Taylor rose quickly through the ranks of the EWF, having held each of the EWF Championship titles. He currently holds the Empire Heavyweight Championship and is a former NWA Heritage Champion. Taylor has had opportunities to wrestle for the Worlds Championship before against Blue Demon Jr., so he isn’t new to the look and feel of BIG MATCHES. Taylor even once faced off against the WWE’s Big Show on an episode of Smackdown.  And Taylor has spent the last 60 days preparing for this showdown. Taking matches with wrestler who are physically bigger, matches against guys like Shaun Rickers and Tommy Wilson, have helped prepare Ryan Taylor for his opportunity against Pearce. Taylor is known for his fast paced style that could upset a champion over-looking the man standing across from him in the ring. These two will meet at Millennium Pro Wrestling’s Return of the Scrap Iron.  This show is a homecoming event of sorts for Adam Pearce as it was MPW where Adam first returned to pro-wrestling after taking a sabbatical from the sport in the early 2000 and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Los Angeles crowd lends its support to the World Champion.  Could Ryan upset the Worlds Champion?
Escape Los Angeles and even bigger challenge awaits him in Columbus Ohio at the Fairgrounds when he takes on a Goliath of a man, “The Universal Soldier” Phil Shatter.  Unlike Ryan Taylor, Phil Shatter will not utilize speed to gain an upper hand on Adam Pearce.  No, Shatter will use brute force, smash mouth style of wrestling.  Make no mistake about it, Shatter has been hungry for his opportunity to wrestle for the World Championship for a long time.  And again unlike Ryan Taylor, Shatter has a victory over Adam Pearce.  But even more so that that, Phil Shatter has held the National Championship since January 19th 2009 and for over a year and a half, Shatter has dominated the title.  “The Universal Soldier” has defended his National Championship in Hollywood, Cornelia, Atlanta, McKeesport, Charlotte, and Lebanon.  Shatter’s resume also reflects championship titles victories in NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Championship, NWA Mid-Atlantic Heritage Championship, and NWA Anarchy Tag Team Championship, along with several appearances for TNA Impact.  Phil Shatter appeared on one of the earlier episodes of Alliance Radio and said this prior to his first one on one meeting with Adam Pearce, “I have a lot of pride in how I  work in the ring… I will be seen as the Number One contender to that Worlds Heavyweight Championship.  Which is my ultimate goal to be the NWA World Champion.” However, lets not us forget that Adam Pearce had to go through Mr. Shatter to become a three time NWA World Champion.  The resourceful champion has gotten passed bigger men in the past, but could this be Shatter’s time,  to strike while the iron is hot?  Pearce will be jet lagged from his trip from Los Angeles to Columbus, this could be the opportunity that Shatter has been looking for.  This Sunday, might just be the last time the National Champion might get the opportunity to face the Worlds Champion.  And this match happens at the JD Equipment Coliseum, at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus.  Tickets are ten dollars for general admission and fifteen dollars for ringside.  This Sunday, might just be the last time the National Champion might get the opportunity to face the Worlds Champion.  And this match happens at the JD Equipment Coliseum, at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus.  Tickets are ten dollars for general admission and fifteen dollars for ringside.
I am not one to doubt the Worlds Champion, but if he survives against former NWA Heritage Champion, Ryan Taylor and if he can somehow outlast the NWA National Champion Phil Shatter, Adam Pearce walks into his biggest challenge of them all.  Bryan Danielson.  Just typing his name sends a shiver down my spine as it probably does to the World Champion as well.  Adam Pearce even made mention of it in a recent interview that he has yet to defeat Bryan Danielson on a one on one match up.  The NWA Website posted this picture of Bryan Danielson and asked “Does Pearce Need to Worry?”  The answer is yes.  Hell yes!  When the NWA reclaimed the World Heavyweight Championship one of the front runners in the tournament was the “American Dragon.”  A seasoned veteran who traveled the globe, Bryan Danielson has held championships just about anywhere he has wrestled.  IWGP Jr. Tag Team Champion, ROH Pure Champion, PWG World Champion, ROH World Champion, NOAH Jr. Champion, and countless other championships across the world.  The personification of professional wrestling.  The finals of the NWA World Title Tournament were set when Bryan Danielson defeated Adam Pearce to take on Brent Albright.  A freak injury kept Danielson out of the tournament and away from the championship.  Pearce capitalizing on Danielson misfortune became the champion and never looked back.  Many in the NWA have thought of “What If” scenarios through out the years, but nothing can take away the fact that Danielson lost his opportunity.  Only a few years later Danielson was announcing his acceptance of a WWE Contract and he would say goodbye to the indys, much like CM Punk before him.  Months would pass and we would hear nothing of Bryan Danielson, until his debut on WWE programing, NXT.  The 10 year veteran as the role of a Rookie, eliminated by a faux pas on a live microphone. Only to return, to be fired again for being “Too Violent.”  Danielson returns to the NWA at NWA Legends Fanfest a shot to wrestle for the World Championship, if not for a slight twist of fate, could have been his nearly six years ago.  Could August 7th validate the Worlds Championship belt around Adam Pearce’s waist or will Bryan Danielson help cater a new era into the World of the National Wrestling Alliance.  Regardless of who wins this match, the champion will wrestle a mystery opponent the next night.  Unbelievable.
To cap off the multiple defenses, in Gainsville Texas, at NWA Southwest  Parade of Champions X, Adam will be putting the “Legendary 10lbs. of Gold” against former WWE Superstar, Charlie Haas.  And there is no denying that Charlie Haas won the lottery of scheduling, regardless of who walks into Gainesville as champion, be it Taylor, Shatter, Danielson, the Mystery Opponent, or Adam Pearce, the champion will not have worked a very tough schedule  to reach the Parade of Champions X.  And as he alluded to on Alliance Radio, Charlie Haas expects whomever his opponent is too “Tap, Snap, or Nap!”  Haas feels good and is ready to take the next step in his career.  And his next step is NWA World Championship.  Pearce has faced guys like Haas in the past and has had struggles with them.  Adam Pearce was defeated by Brent Albright for the NWA World Championship.  And Pearce also had difficulties getting past TNA’s Desmond Wolfe when they faced off in Dayton Ohio during a title defense in Ring Of Honor.  Adam sent me a written statement from the road on his thoughts on his opponent at Parade of Champions X. “Charlie Haas is a top-notch, first class competitor.  And his accolades don’t need to be embellished as they are impressive and speak for themselves.  I look forward to August 14 in Texas, because it will be a clash of two men from two different worlds in this generation, with the oldest prize at stake.  And that alone is worthy of the ticket price.”  There is no doubt that Haas will make a great opponent for the champion, the question remains, who will be the champion August 14th?

Since 2007 when holding the World Championship, Adam Pearce has defended the title successfully in California, North Carolina, Texas, Indiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virgina, Oklahoma, Virgina, Ohio, Tennessee, Minnesota, Kansas, Arizona and Manitoba Canada, 23 different opponents over 32 different matches. “Scrap Iron” is the twelfth longest reigning champion in the history of the World Championship more and more days than any other champion in the modern era with the exception of Jeff Jarret and Dan Severn.  Sean Waltman, Desmond Wolfe, Sicodelico Jr., Babi Slymm, Damien Wayne, TJ Perkins, Sterling James Knight, “Boogie Woogie Boy” Gary Valiant, Scorpio Sky, Shane Haste, Tommy Wilson, Bam Neely, Michael Strider, Danny Duggan, Joey Ryan, and Johnny Goodtime couldn’t take the NWA World Championship off of Adam Pearce.  And the course of the next 3 weeks, Pearce will take on some of the best wrestlers in the World.  In three weeks will the NWA World Champion usher in a new era or will “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce solidify his 3rd Reign as the greatest World Champion in the modern era.

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