Adam Pearce captures the NWA World title for the 5th time in Kansas City at Metro Pro Wrestling.

By Brian Kelley

Missouri Wrestling Revival- Owner/ Editor

Photos Brian Kelley from the Metro Pro Wrestling at the Turner Rec Center.

Colt Cabana made a memory for this young girl that she will cherish for a lifetime as the NWA Worlds Champion took time for her prior to one of the biggest matches of his lifetime. – Photo credit Brian Kelley.

In the past the Midwest has caused “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce some pain and stress but July, 21st will go down in his career and history as the day the NWA World title returned in his hands for the fifth time.

Colt Cabana and Adam Pearce has been to war many times in the past against each other but in 2012 the wrestling world was introduced with a best of seven called the Seven Levels of Hate. The matches would be featured in many of the top NWA promotions in the country with a different stipulation.

As the series started Cabana stood tall as the NWA Worlds Champion and momentum on his side. In the first match at NWA Championship Wrestling California from Glendale, California the battle would go toe to toe in a First Blood match.  Many wrestling experts felt this was one match going in that Pearce had the advantage but Cabana showed his versatility by winning the match and putting doubt in the former 4-time NWA Worlds Champions head.

In round two, at New England Championship Wrestling in Bridgetown, Massachusetts  the two men would battle in a Boston Street fight with Cabana once again getting his hand raised while taking a 2-0 lead, as round three would head to

No one in the sport and most definitely Pearce himself believed that Pearce would be down 3-0 heading into Kansas City on July 21st.. Yet, that is what happened at Steel Domain Wrestling at the Hopkins Pavilion in Hopkins, Minnesota as Pearce would suffer a heartbreaking loss during an “ I quit” match. Pete Waggoner’s title for his article at the SDW website on the story said it all “Match best ever in SDW 15-year history”.

Cabana would catch Pearce in a Boston crab and with nowhere to go and no other choice Pearce said the words “I quit”.  Cabana was one win away from winning the series and the chance to sweep his arch rival Pearce in Kansas City at Metro Pro Wrestling.

With his back against the wall and his career on the line, Pearce was reportedly running a temperature of a 102 degree fever in quite possibly his biggest match in 16 years in the ring.   Pearce headed into into the match at the Turner Rec Center knowing full well that it had been over thirty years September 17th, 2012 since the NWA title had changed hands in Kansas City when Ric Flair defeated Dusty Rhodes to win “The ten pounds of gold”.

To make the mountain an even bigger obstacle to overcome the match would have to be won by not just one falls but a two of out of three falls. A packed crowd filled the Metro Pro home as Pearce would make history by becoming a five time NWA Worlds Champion in a great match.

Adam Pearce regains the NWA Worlds title for the fifth time and makes certain that Cabana gets the message that he looks to take the final 3 matches in the Seven levels of Hate series . – Photo credit Brian Kelley.

The NWA title is again around the waist of Pearce but one loss against “Boom Boom”  Cabana for the champ and he will lose it all, the title and his career in just 1-2-3 seconds or just maybe tap out.

As the series goes into stage five with Pearce down 1-3 and the reality that Cabana has taken the title from him not once but twice he can breath for the moment and smile as he is now a 5-time NWA Worlds Champion.

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