A View From A DKM: Won’t You Fly High Oh Freebird

Miranda Gordy and Me

Well Robert Langdon and Terri Hopper did it again. They put on an excellent night of wrestling for their fans.

Now for those of you who don’t know me, I’m not one that tends to travel more than an hour away from home unless it is on vacation or required for business. So to get me to travel two hours to a wrestling show (plus traveling two hours back) means I really want to go. When I found out NWA Texoma was bringing in the Freebirds, Buddy Roberts Jr and Tristin Hayze, as well as Miranda Gordy, well I started making plans. They then threw in long reigning NWA Pacific Northwest Champion, Bad Blood BJ Darden challenging Tim Storm for the NWA North American title and NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jax Dane defending against Mike Foxx so I bought the tickets online and waited for the day to come.

So once October 16th got here William, one of my teenage sons, and I made the two hour trip to Sherman, Texas, made our rounds of the merchandise tables, bought some pictures, took some pictures and got ready for the show. Before the show we found it was going to be carried live on the Joe Exotic TV webcast, so Joe had brought a baby Liger and baby Tiger to the show. Some of wrestlers and fans (including my son) got go pet them and then the show got started.The opening matches were good and got people in the right mood; cheering the good guys, booing the bad guys. We saw Seth Allen pin the returning Matt Palmer, Dirty Andy Dalton pin Griffin, with Nigel, and in ladies action Nikki Knight was pinned by Bree. This lead to one of the best chants of the night from a very hot crowd, as Nikki and Bree heard “Better than the Bellas” from the cfans. We wrapped up the under portion of the card with Jerome Daniels pinning MTK.

The Freebirds and Me

Then we had the first title match of the night as Tim Storm defended his North American title against BJ Darden. This was a rare “face vs. face” match as the fans took to “Bad Blood” even though he was facing probably the most popular wrestler in Texoma. They had a good back and forth match before Storm got the pin, but Storm had to give Darden respect for the effort and talent he showed.

So it was intermission time, I got a hot dog and drink for the boy and me, bought another picture, talked more with Miranda Gordy and Freebirds, who are literally among the nicest people in the business, and got ready for the rest of the show.

For the NWA Texoma title, former WWE Superstar Charlie Haas, with Nigel, defended against Apoc. Haas got quite upset with the “Shelton is better” chants. A competitive match which saw Haas retains his title.

Now it was time. The Sons of Texas, NWA Texoma Champions, Moonshine Mantell and Killer Brent McKenzie along with Dirty Andy Dalton come out to the ring and wait. Then the music hit, Bad Street USA, and out came Freebirds to a loud cheer. Yes, things have changed and the Freebirds were crowd favorites against the Son of Texas. In an almost 30 minutes match the both teams gave it all they had and at a couple of points it looked like we would have new tag team champions but Dalton hit Hayze with one of the belts which allowed Mantell to get the pin. After the match Andy Dalton tried to get “Dirty” with Miranda Gordy who gave him a low blow that he is probably still feeling.

After the match the fan chanted the “Freebirds” name and “Please come back”. Hayze took the microphone and emotionally thanked the crowd and said if we would have them they love to come back in a few months. I hear the Von Erich brothers are also looking to return to the area. I wonder…

Jax Dane about to defend against Mike Foxx

Final match of the night saw Jax Dane defend the World title again Main Event Mike Foxx. It was an entertaining match that saw a ref bump, the Sons of Texas, come out and attack Dane and then try to get Foxx to pin, Foxx refuses (there was no ref yet anyways) and he takes out the Sons of Texas. Dane recovers but is taken down with a stunner/cutter out of nowhere but manages to kick out of pin fall attempt, after a little more action Dane hits a spear out of nowhere for the pin and the night wraps up.

William announces he had a good time (always impressive from a teenager) and enjoyed the show; we drive our two hours home, getting in around 1 am. I put my autographed pictures up and then go to bed, it was sweet dreams after the night I had.



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