A view from a DKM: What the NWA Should Do

Not long ago I wrote a column about what the NWA shouldn’t do as they move forward under new management. I feel it is now time to talk about what the NWA should do; and it is only one thing. Build the World title.

For five years the NWA World title has been dominated by Adam Pearce. Pearce, almost on his own, has built the World title in a way few thought possible. During his 5 reigns as champion he has defended the title across the US, in Canada, Mexico, Australia, the UK, and even Germany. Still, even with all that there are multiple NWA promotions which never booked him or the title. That is simply unacceptable.

It is likely that at first at least the NWA will be a little leaner and I know that there are other company titles but if the promoters are not booking the top title in the company then nothing else matters. Ref shirts, standard look videos, company branded merchandise, not a bit of it means a thing if their top title is being ignored.

With Adam Pearce’s One Last Ride tour winding down the success of the next champion and the NWA as a whole will be the licensed promotions actually booking the champion.

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