A View From A DKM: What happened to Jax Dane?

He was a rising star.  Godzilla Jax Dane was on top of the Texas wrestling scene holding both the NWA Lone Star and NWA Branded Outlaw Wrestling heavyweight titles.  Add to that he was starting to travel.  He went to NWA SAW in Tennessee and was in NWA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Conway’s corner during Conway’s first title defense in Japan.

Then in July he lost the NWA Lone Star title to Bryon Wilcott in a 3-way dance when Wilcott pinned Cowboy James Claxton.  Although he wasn’t pinned, he did admit in an interview on The Alliance Guys podcast that that Claxton had him in trouble to the point Claxton was probably the one robbed of a title victory that night.  Then the follow month he lost the NWA BOW title to Charlie Haas.  After that lost he posted a simple message. “We all fall.  We will get back up.” Then silence.

He was nowhere to be found for the September cards of the Texas promotions nor did he turn up in his former home state of Tennessee, nor has he been announced for the October Invasion cards.  However there have been rumblings.  Unconfirmed sightings in gyms of a man fitting his description, working, focusing hard, and driven by a strong motivation.  My guess is much like his nickname, Dane will resurface bigger, stronger, and more aggressive than ever.  Texas, Tennessee, and the rest of the US better look out.  Plus who knows, maybe even Japan will find out that Godzilla is real.


You can keep with Dane on:

 Twitter @thejaxdane

INSTAGRAM @godzillaisreal

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