A View From a DKM: The Revolution has Started

KD_DarkBack in January I had a conversation with Modern Day Hero Kevin Douglas where he told us about his mission to bring “wrestling” back to pro-wrestling. Well that mission has now become a revolution and the first casualty of that revolution was The Texas Prodigy Carson. Douglas has targeted what he considers to be “entertainers” and not “wrestlers”.

Alliance-Wrestling.com contacted Douglas looking for a statement on his recent actions in at the NWA Houston show and this is what he had to say:

“My statement for now is that Carson is just the first on my list of Entertainers, who will be WRESTLERS when I’m done with them. The People deserved a better Hero…”

How far will this revolution go? Well it is worth noting the new NWA World Heavyweight champion is a former World Wrestling “Entertainment” talent.

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