A View From A DKM: The Night the Lights Went Out in Crowley

IHWE NYKOI already knew that Saturday, January 30, 2016 would be a night to remember before the show ever started, but I couldn’t of guessed at all the reasons.

My reason was it would be the first time that my wife of over 26 years would go with me to a live event.  I had an extra ticket because my older son had gone to a youth event that weekend with his brother.  So since were together for the weekend and it was a short trip, my wife agreed to join me.  So we arrived just before the show was supposed to start and they were having to put out more chairs.  Luckily I had already purchased my tickets on-line so after a short wait we made it to our front row seats.

The show started with a couple of good matches to get the crowd into it but as the third match started the second reason to remember the night happened.  Apparently a car accident took out a transformer and the most of the city of Crowley lost power. Now I’ve heard that the promoter, David Fuller, has taken some heat by people who were NOT there about letting the show continue.  Talking about safety and other issues they know nothing about.  So I think it import to point out that it was NEVER completely dark. With the dim emergency lights, we were always able to see where people were, where the doors were, and we could move around.  Add to that the fact that about 50 fans immediately turn on their flashlight app on their phones there was literally more light than at some shows I’ve been to where they only use a single stage light over the ring.  The restrooms were well lit with emergency lights; we were ALWAYS safe.  We continued to enjoy the show and the matches.  The only thing we missed out on was the intermission which hurt the merchandise tables, not the fans.

OK with that out of the way, the Tag Team Turmoil was great fun and congratulations to Andy Dalton and Barrett Brown on winning the titles and they will move on to challenge for the NWA World Tag Team Titles at the Parade of Champions.

The first of two main events was next as Queen of the Ring Jessica James defended her trophy against former champion, Miss Diss Lexia and Leva Bates (AKA Blue Pants).  This match was fun for both its comic use, such as Leva breaking up a Jessica pin fall attempt on Lexia yelling, “You have a trophy, she has a trophy, I want a trophy” to some seriously mad ring skills.  Bates was awesome in the ring (my wife’s favorite wrestler of the night) and the other two ladies certainly kept up with her.  James got the pin fall on Bates and at the end all three ladies celebrated together at a job well done.  It also earned James a shot at the NWA World Women’s Champion, Amber O’Neal.

The Main Event of the evening saw best friends on the opposite side of the ring as Ray Rowe and Charlie Haas teamed against Jax Dane and Rodney Mack.  Just as the match was getting started the lights came back on to the cheers of the fans.  I tell you what, these four men brought out the best in each other.   It was a hell of a match that gave us the third reason this would be a night to be remembered.  Although there is some question on if he was the legal man (the match had broken down with all four men going at it) but Haas hit his finisher on Dane and got the 1-2-3 for the win.  It was the first time (in the US at least) that Dane had been pinned since Charlie Haas pinned him for the BOW title arn .

Rowe told Dane that meant Dane should put up his title at the Parade of Champions against Haas.  Dane agreed and said Rowe should face Rodney who had taken Rowe to the limit.  So two more matches were set for the Parade of Champions and I can’t wait to get my tickets.

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