A View from a DKM: The Modern Day Hero Returns in the New Year with a New Mission

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion

I was at an indie wrestling show (SWWA in Cleburne, Texas) last night. It was a

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion

good show that featured an opening match which saw the Modern Day Hero Kevin Douglas pin the Bronx Bully.

We hadn’t heard a lot from Douglas since the injury that cost him his NWA World Junior Heavyweight title. “I was hurt worse than most people knew. I almost didn’t get the release for the cage match [with Chase Owens].” Douglas has used the time since then to rest and heal, something he hadn’t had a chance to do as champion. “I normally take a couple of months between October and December,” which is typically a slow time in the indie wrestling world. “Since I won the title in October [of 2011] I wasn’t able to take my normal break.” He used his time off to his full advantage to not only heal but to train and become stronger.

Certainly the first thing I notice was that Douglas had bulked up since I last saw him, “I’ve put on about 17 pounds of muscle.” The next thing I noticed was Douglas did a lot of “wrestling” in the ring. Snap mares, fireman carries, riding, full nelsons, hip tosses, arm bars, and more, Douglas showed that he had mat skills. “Every year I have a mission for the year, this year I want to bring “wrestling” back to pro-wrestling. Part of the reason I added the weight was to limit my flying and stay on the mat more.” It won’t all be mat wrestling, however; he still won his match using a top rope splash. “Pro-wrestling isn’t MMA, you aren’t going to see a guy submit to a headlock, but you should see a headlock, pro-wrestling is more than just entertainment.”

One thing for sure, Douglas is back with a purpose and he wants a title. So Chase Owens, Kingz of the Underground, Kahagas, and every other champion, you better beware, Douglas plans to “wrestle” your titles away.

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