A View From A DKM: The many sides of Kevin Frazier

So it was time for my monthly trip down to Cleburne to watch some Big Texas Pro Wrestling and I was really looking forward to it because two of my favorites were on the card, The Manimal and Kevin (Douglas) Frazier. It’s rare that Kevin takes bookings anymore. With his personal training business and a renewed commitment to Christ, I knew this could be my last chance to see him in the ring.

CAM00190I got there early and the Modern Day Hero Kevin Douglas was walking around, talking to fans and signing some autographs. We talked a little and he told me he was singing the National Anthem before the show. I wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not but sure enough he got in the ring, admitted to being a little nervous and then sang the Star Spangled Banner. He did a pretty good job of it.

The action started and we had a good night of wrestling. Manimal was way over with the kids and won his match just before intermission. Then after intermission Just Kevin came out to take on local favorite Larry Canis. Now I have seen Larry wrestle the prior two months and he certainly has talent. Wrestling someone with Kevin’s track record, a former World Junior Heavyweight Champion, could only be a plus for Canis.

CAM00200Just Kevin is the real Kevin Frazier, a little cocky, and very sure of himself. He comes out in shorts, a T-shirt, and sneakers. In a hat tip to one of his idols and namesake, Kevin Von Erich, he takes off his shoes to wrestle barefoot. When he takes off his T-shirt the girls around me squeal in delight. When the action starts, much like Von Erich, he is brutal in the ring using a mix of amateur wrestling, pro wrestling, and MMA moves. Larry is no push over and gets in his share of offense, but in the end he taps to a modified rear naked choke. But Just Kevin has a point to make; wrestling is real and he his real. After choking Canis out, he tells the crowd he is the real deal then uses water to wake his opponent, raises his hand, and spread the ropes for him to leave the ring. Larry Canis has earned Kevin’s respect because he was willing to fight him.

CAM00203The main event sees local hero, The Oklahoma Cowboy lose his BTPW title to the newly dubbed Michael “Christ”, God’s Son of Wrestling. Not only did the bad guy win, but several others bad guys came out to say they wanted the title. So who comes out to have some fun? Joker Kevin. He comes out with white makeup on his face, black around his eyes, and a red smile and sprays the crowd with silly string to kids delight and the vexing of some of the senior adults in the crowd. With the show over the kids and squealing ladies from his match can’t wait to get their picture taken with the evil clown. It was a good night for wrestling in north central Texas and a good night for the different sides of Kevin Frazier.

Want to support a pro wrestling promotion that is trying hard to bring the best shows they can to their fans in north central Texas? Check Out Big Texas Pro Wrestling, they are currently running the last Saturday of the month at the Kauffman Leadership Acadamy, 1108 N Anglin, Cleburne, Texas

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