A view from a DKM: Texas Stampede Wrestling’s True Grit

Texas Stampede Wrestling’s True Grit
August 25, 2012

Well it was once again time for my friend Jason and I to take the hour drive to Balch Springs for another action packed card from Texas Stampede Wrestling. This show was extra special as my 13 year old son came with us for only his second live pro wrestling show.

We arrived at about 6:30, found some front row seats and got ready for the show to start. After a few minutes some music started blasting way too loud and then was turned down. The next thing I knew some masked wrestler was walking around the ring yelling at some of the fans. He yelled at my son, who playing with his phone, to pay attention.

The ring announcer got in the ring and announced a “preshow match” featuring the masked Mono Omega vs. “The Party” Joshua City. I wasn’t expecting much from the match but was quite surprised that it was pretty good. Mono won with a cool looking variant of a DDT. Well that got us ready.

So now we have the official begging of the show with the playing of the national anthem.

On to our second match as “The Expert” Brandon Collins defeated “Untouchable” Alex Reigns with a side rollup. Pretty good match both guys showed a lot and I plan on keeping my eye on Collins.

Next, Luke Hawx came out, took the mic, and made sure the fans knew he was bad guy insulting us and Texas. Hawx also asked why he was getting a shot at the Jr-Heavyweight title when he was a heavyweight. Douglas came out and noted a lot of people wanted a shot at his title and the match got started. I don’t think I’ve seen Douglas in a bad match yet, and while this wasn’t one of his best, it did not disappoint.

The match ended after a ref bump which allowed Hawx to hit The Modern Day Hero outside of the ring with title belt. He crawls back in and gets the ref up and wins by count out. I have to say I’m not real happy with how the NWA promotions have been booking Douglas recently. I understand sometimes the champion needs to lose or not win but recently he has only one clean win in title defenses.

Now some matches in this world are full of technical wizardry but our next match was not going to be one of those. In a match for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship, “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas pinned “Underground Icon” Scot Summers. One of the stiffest matches I have seen in sometime they beat the crap out each other leaving bright red marks. At one point Summers ended up in the empty chair next to my son as Kahagas pounded on him. The next thing I know several of us are running from our chairs as the two of them fought through 4 rows of the audience.

At some point, a guy came out in a red and black bodysuit and mask. He seemed to be a Kahagas fan, even tripped Summers at one point. After the match he tried to enter the ring but Summers fought back and pulled off his mask revealing Byron Wilcott. Wilcott ran to the back with Summers chasing after him.

At this point Action Jackson came out to give a Lifetime Achievement Award to Bobby Duncum Jr.’s widow Michelle and daughter Cassidy. The ring announcer read a biography of Duncum and then Action presented Michelle and Cassidy with an award plaque. Thanks to Texas Stampede for not having some heel come out and ruin it as part of a story line.

After intermission The Texas Prodigy, Carson complaining that even though He and Barbi beat Jazz and Danny Matthews at the last show, Matthews was booked but he wasn’t. So he decided to come so he could beat Matthews again and prove again why he was the best. Well…

After a very good match Carson called Lance Romance to come out, which he did, distracted the referee, and tossed in a pair of brass knuckles which Matthews up with instead. He used them to knock out and pin Carson. After Carson woke up he asked Romance what happened and he told him Matthews hit him with knucks. Carson goes, “But I won right?” Funny

For the last match of the night we had a Bunkhouse Rules, Last Man Standing match as “Addictive & Expensive” Byron Wilcott (w/ Jamison Holley) won over “Texas Legend” Action Jackson. At one point Wilcott brought out of bullrope and the two of them battled back and forth with it. Twice Jackson seemed on the verge of winning but Holley would grab the ref and break the count. In the end Luke Hawx interfered, attached Jackson allowing Wilcott to win.

Hawx once again got on the mic and praising Wilcott, mocked Jackson and Texas, choked Jackson and then left. A lot of people seemed to be waiting for Scot Summer to come out after Wilcott but it never happened.

Over all a wonderful show that didn’t have a single bad match. Great job guys!

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