A View from a DKM: Random Thoughts

nwadomedglobeNWA World Heavyweight Champion, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, is schedule to be in the US at the end of August for several title defenses. I’d imagine that former champion Rob Conway will be one of them; however, I’m not sure of the current status of Jax Dane, who holds a victory over Tenzan, but his injury and subsequent surgery may keep him on the shelf past August. In addition to Conway, I’d like to see Jason Kincaid, Matt Riviera, and Tim Storm get title shots.

I don’t remember the last time the NWA World Tag Team titles were defended in the US. It must have been back when the IronGodz were champions. Time for a US based promoter to book Killer Elite Squad. Speaking of booking champions, more promoters need to book the NWA World Junior Heavyweight and NWA World Women’s Champions.

Tournaments are schedule in July for both the NWA National and NWA North American titles. I love to see former NWA Southern champion, Arrick Andrews win one of those titles. I find him to be a strong talent and much underrated veteran. In a good sign, NWA Atlanta has someone in both tournaments.

NWA Classics is scheduled to come out in a couple of weeks. It will feature classic matches (Late 70s to early/mid 80s) from the Houston area plus some current matches. There has been a lot of speculation on if this will be successful or not. I have no idea on that front but I will at least check it out to see what it is like.

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