A View from a DKM: Looking at Dirty Money

downloadDamien Wayne was one of the longest reigning currently active champions. “Was” being the key word, his reign of 1001 days was brought to an end by old adversary, Dirty Money (D$), this past weekend at a New England Championship Wrestling show.

D$ was thrilled to add a third belt to his collection.

“Thanks to the powers that be in Dangerous Adrenaline Wrestling Gladiators that gave me this title opportunity!! Thank you NECW for hosting said title match and providing such a great atmosphere!!! The fans were amazing and helped to push me to that next level and bring The DAWG Heavyweight Championship back to the Untouchable Realm!! As your Untouchable Champion I will defend this Championship all over these great United States of America with the same honor and respect as the great man I defeated to earn the title!! To the fans of DAWG this is just the beginning of a Grand…Untouchable Championship Reign for the ages!!!!”

So for those who may not be familiar with D$ here is some back ground:

In addition to the DAWG championship is currently the PCW & VCW (2X) Heavyweight Champion. In his 14 year career he has also held the OVW tag team championship (2X), VCW Liberty & tag team championships, JCW TV championship, TW tag team championship, DCW heavyweight championship.

Trained in OVW by Al Snow, Rip Rogers he has also be to seminars run by the likes of Dr. Tom Prichard. He has wrestled several stars including Jerry “The King” Lawler, The Patriot, The Barbarian, Rock-n-Roll Express, Drew McIntyre, Bad News Barrett, Mike Mondo, Tomaso Ciampa, Big Vito, Zema Ion, Robbie E, Eugene (Nick Dinsmore), Biggie Biggs, and Damien Wayne. And wrestled in promotions such as WWE, OVW, TNA, DAWG, and Jersey Championship Wrestling.

So congratulations to the champion and Dangerous Adrenaline Wrestling Gladiators

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