A View From a DKM: Jax Dane Has a Goal

jdaneYou don’t think of a monster as sitting quietly contemplating life, yet that is exactly what Godzilla Jax Dane has done recently.

Dane, a former NWA World Tag Team champion, had been on the biggest roll of his career. Winning the NWA National Heavyweight championship from Lou Marconi on February 6 of this year and unifying it with the NWA North American heavyweight championship by beating yet another rugged veteran, Tim Storm, on April 12. He would go on to win the Smoky Mountain Cup which guaranteed him a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight title. It looked like nothing could stop Godzilla.

Then it happened, the thing most feared by any wrestler, an injury. Dane had ruptured one of his triceps back in his match with Storm, he tried to continue wrestling but the injury would require surgery. Standard time to recover from the surgery is six to eight months, so because of the long time frame, on May 28, the NWA stripped him of his titles. My how the mighty had fallen.

Additionally, almost as a slap in the face, it was announced that NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, would be coming to defend his title in the United States at the end of August. Just four months after his surgery. Dane has already lost one title shot because of injury. Scheduled to take on the champion, Kahagas, Dane was attacked by the Kings of the Underground and gave his shot to close friend Rob Conway who would go on to win his first title. He has yet to get a shot at the title.

Still, Jax Dane is not one to sit around and feel sorry for himself. He is working and working hard to get back into ring shape. Sure he is limited by his injury, but that won’t stop him from trying. So as he sits there, Dane thinks about the next step. What will it take to get a title match once he is ready? That’s his goal and that is what gets him heading back to the gym.

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