A View from a DKM: Introducing Kevin Frazier

KFOn a cold day in January and after what seemed like ages, Kevin Douglas finally released a new video promo. It was somewhat different from his past videos and he shared his thoughts on a couple of different issues including Ricky Morton winning the NWA World Junior Heavyweight title, a title he had held for a year and had taken coast to coast. He also brought up that Douglas was not really his last name. Yes it was different but I didn’t think a whole lot about it. Apparently, I was the only one. Waking up from a nap that afternoon I had emails, texts, and Facebook messages from people asking “Have you seen Kevin’s video?” “Is he on drugs” “What’s wrong with him?”

As a follow up to his first video there came a rash of Twitter and Facebook posts and more videos, most of which were just as bizarre. Now it is no secret that I’m a big Kevin Douglas fan and we have even gotten together a couple of times to talk about things so when a week ago he asked if I wanted to meet up again I was like ‘sure’, even though I wasn’t 100% sure what to think of Kevin Frazier.

So when we got together I see the same old smiling, mop-headed guy I’ve known for the past couple of years. He asked if I had seen his recent videos and I point out the response I got which received from him a big laugh, “I’ve got some of that, too.” He adds, “I don’t need drugs, I’m this way naturally.”

So what is up with the crazy videos and posts? “The first video was literally me just getting up and sharing my thoughts on some things, filtered through some changes I’ve been planning.” So is this just a new gimmick? “Not really, this is really me. Yes, I’m having some fun with it; I mean did you see my Randy Savage/Ultimate Warrior video? That was the real me doing those characters, it was a blast. In a lot of the videos I’m also poking fun of what people have been saying about the first video.”

Isn’t this just a redo of the Brian Pillman loose cannon gimmick? “Yeah, I’ve heard that a lot, too. It wasn’t intentional, but hey I’ll run with it.  It is just about me saying what is really on my mind.”  To keep with the theme of being real, he has dropped the Modern Day Hero Kevin Douglas and is now just Kevin Frazier. “That is my real name, I am still a wrestler, I can still be a Hero, but I am Kevin Frazier, but I still owns the rights to use them both.  They may not be completely gone.”

He certainly expressed his real thoughts on the recent NWA World Junior Heavyweight title change.  “I respect the NWA, I respect what they have done, but that doesn’t mean we are going to agree on everything.  No one today would expect Jordan to beat James in a game of one on one.” As to rumors some promoters have cut ties.  “Well none of them have spoken directly to me. I’m getting plenty of calls and my year is mostly booked.  I wasn’t kidding when I posted on Facebook that my price has gone up, that is how busy it has been.  I still have some openings and there may be other local plans in the works, who knows. When you choose to be real, people take notice.”

Being real in wrestling isn’t always safe and it hasn’t sat well with some in his community has a recent Facebook spat with fellow wrestler Andy Dalton ended when Dalton ‘unfriended’ Frazier.  “Doughboy Dalton couldn’t take the truth and ran from it.  He, and some others, will learn it in the ring if he has the guts to face me.”  Does Frazier have any worries about it getting ‘real’ in the ring? “None. When I first started training it wasn’t to become a pro wrestler, it was to become an MMA fighter.  My trainer had black belts in six different forms of combat and he cross trained me in them.  I’ve had MMA matches and done very well. I’d be thrilled if they want to make it real.  Forget pin falls, knockout, or submission matches because I have a better idea.”

The last thing we talked about was the number of fist profile pictures showing up on Facebook. “It’s a group we are a part of, it is an exclusive group, and you have to be invited.”

With that we parted ways as he went to work out and I went home eat.  One thing about being a fan of Kevin’s, you never know where the ride is going to take you but I can’t wait to get to the next stop.

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