A View from a DKM: How the Talk NWA rankings are compiled

Every time we post our rankings the questions start, “Why didn’t you rank this guy?” “Why isn’t x ranked higher?” “Why did you rank that guy?”

So here is a quick and dirty rundown on how we come up with the rankings.

There are a lot of promotions in the NWA and a ton of wrestlers. One day after a conversation about the NWA top 10 in PWI and where we agreed and disagreed, Jay Cal, Jaden and I came up with some criteria to use to put together our own top 10.

Now the first thing we realized is we haven’t seen every wrestler in the NWA and we have a very limited number of slots. There are a lot of promotions in the NWA and a ton of wrestlers. So one of the first things we considered is what a wrestler is doing to get his name out there. Let’s be honest, if we don’t know who a wrestler is, we can’t rank him. Wrestlers who post promos to YouTube, Facebook, and the rest we are going to notice more than those who don’t. Wrestlers have to prove they want the NWA title.

Next, is the wrestler traveling to different promotions? Are they hustling themselves and taking on all comers? Who are they wrestling; other top names in the area or names people would know? The NWA National and North American title are helpful in this matter.

Other things consider is are they in story line for the title or booked to challenge for the title in the near future? That will earn them some credit.

We are the first to admit there is nothing scientific about our ratings and arguments can be made to include wrestlers we left off or for this guy to higher than that guy but we are proud of the work and thought that we put into them.

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