A True Worlds Champion! Pearce successfully defends the NWA Worlds Championship in Germany

Adam Pearce and wXw Champion Big Van Walter at an undisclosed German location; 2012.
The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion once again proved why he is champion by defending the Legendary 10lbs of Gold against the “Untameable” Emil Stoci.This marks the first time in the history of the NWA that a Dutchman gets to fight for the Title.  The Worlds Champion also worked a tag team match while in Germany and also hosted two wrestling clinics.  No rest for the weary, before returning to the Glendale Studios for NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, Pearce defends the Worlds Heavyweight Championship in Des Moines IA, Council Bluffs IA, against Jeremy Wyatt and Tony Cortez respectfully, then back to California against Joey Ryan in Covina.  Before the end of March, Pearce will have traveled to Australia and Canada.  Truly breaking ground with seven international defenses in 2012 to add to the ones back in 2011 in Canada and the United Kingdom.  

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