News broke yesterday about the passing of Terry Funk. An icon of the sport and the embodiment of what it means to be a pro wrestler. Jaden, DKM, and Jay will spend some time reflecting on the life and times of the legend that is Terry Funk. He was a draw around the world. His legacy was felt in the NWA, AJPW, USWA, ECW, FMW, IWA-Japan, WWE, WCW, and beyond. There will never be another Terry Funk.

There will be a new NWA National Champion crowned at the 75th Anniversary Show. But what more history will be made in St. Louis? Is it possible we’ll see new faces in the NWA? Will we see new champions crowned? Who will be the face of the NWA after this weekend?

Join us in the chat, we go live at 8 PM Eastern 5 PM Pacific.

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The Alliance Guys Podcast has entered its 15th year, spotlighting the talents affiliated with the NWA and the United Wrestling Network. Breaking down the news and information for the NWA and the UWN; Jay Cal DKM, Jaden, and former World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Kevin Douglas.

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