A Relic Has Returned… NWA Heritage Championship

Once considered lost, the NWA Heritage Championship has been returned for it’s rightful owner. The Heritage Championship was a stable for CWFH in it’s early days.

The NWA Heritage Championship, which evolved into the Hollywood Heritage Championship (currently held by Watts) was one of the most important titles of it’s time. The championship headlined events through out the Southwest and West Coast. In 2007, the title was a regional championship for NWA Pro Wrestling (which would also evolve into Championship Wrestling from Hollywood) would be showcased in arena in Las Vegas, Phoenix, El Paso, Laredo, Houston, and would be held by wrestlers like Adam Pearce, Sean Waltman, TJ Perkins, Ryan Taylor, Oliver John, and lastly with Atsushi Sawada. The title itself would go missing and would later be replaced by CWFH and the lineage would continue. But this belt has historical significance for the NWA in that 2006-2010 era. Interestingly enough, the title by way of Simon Kelly (formerly of the Inoki Office) who co-promoted the Championship Wrestling from Hollywood event in Wenzhou, China.

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