A note from United Wrestling Network Executive David Marquez:

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Hello and welcome,

In October 2013 I announced the formation of United Wrestling Network. The concept was to bring like minded promotions together for the purpose of presenting them in their area on television. Over the past two years, several of the original participating promotions either stopped producing weekly television or felt the “United” concept didn’t fit within their goals. Today, we’re comprised of NECW Wrestling(Boston), NYWC Pro Wrestling (New York), Ultra Championship Wrestling ZERO (Salt Lake City),Canadian Wrestling’s Elite (Winnipeg), Metro Pro Wrestling (Kansas City), Future Stars Of Wrestling (Las Vegas), Main Event Pro Wrestling (Texas) and Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (Los Angeles). Before the end of the year, we’re on schedule to announce two additional television promotions.

The past two years has been very educational. We learned about how some things might work here, don’t work in all areas. As an example, I personally launched Southeastern Championship Wrestling on a FOX station in Knoxville, TN. To my surprise, I found out that “my” way of producing pro wrestling television didn’t work there, so the promotion folded for a show with more local flavor. Now, we’re going back to basics and building the loyal promotions into local television brands. I feel that since we’ve kept the Hollywood show going for the past 5 years on in the 2nd largest market in the United States, we can help the others improve their quality of production or launch a whole new television series with them. This isn’t an easy task (mostly because of geography), but my team is up for the challenge.

This project has never been about quantity like other sanctioning bodies, but rather quality and with my experience in televised pro wrestling, I have a lot of knowledge to pass around. I thank you for your patience and I promise when we’re 100% and met all of our goals, you’ll be happy with the outcome. Also, for those of you that don’t know, over the summer, the “Hollywood Television” Title officially became the “United Television” Championship and its currently being held by “Main Event” James Morgan.

All the best,

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