A New DISPUTED NWA World Champion?!?!

Courtesy of NWA Pro Wrestling Revolution

This past Saturday while some were enjoying picnics or baseball games the crowd in Northern California were shocked and awed when Dual-Champion “Old School” Oliver John pinned Blue Demon Jr. Demon known for using the RED Leather and Gold championship for media events was pinned. Only the Demon in question was a fraud. In a move that was a throwback to Sid Vicious pinning a mock Sting, Oliver John’s opponent was said to be a stooge. Blue Demon Jr. did appear later in the show with the Legendary 10lbs. of Gold. Demon did win the match that was considered a non-title match. How this plays out is anyone’s guess, but in the words of Oliver John, “I am a Triple Champion and thats all there is to it!”

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