A New Alliance

A lot of happening on this podcast, make sure you subscribe to stay up to date. On this episode there is a huge betrayal and the birth of a new stable in NWA POWERRR.

On this episode of the Alliance Guys give their perspective on an episode of #NWAPOWERRR Episode 10 “The Villain Effect W/Marty Scurll”

Former NWA Worlds Junior Heavyweight Champion Kevin Douglas and Jay Cal talk about the happenings of the latest episode of NWA POWERRR as they add their thoughts on the PPV.

DKM returns to the show to give his take on the NWA TV Championship.

Douglas gives his take on the POWERRR debut of Nikita Kolloff and how it was in contrast to the Rock N Roll Express.

Jay Cal was right about the trajectory of the “Shooter” Aron Stevens And how about this new Alliance?

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