A Modern Day Hero: The Kevin Douglas Interview

Last year when Craig Classic forfeited the NWA Jr Heavyweight title it opened the door for 8 men in a one night tournament. The man who emerged as the new champ was The Modern Day Hero Kevin Douglas. Since then he has been nothing but a fighting champion. He has been all over the country and even overseas defending the strap. Recently I set down with the man they call the Modern Day Hero.

Q: Kevin you have been champion since October 7th of last year. Describe the feeling you felt when you were declared the NWA Jr World Heavyweight champ?

A: The first thing I felt was a sense of relief that the tournament was all over. Second was that my pursuit of the title was over and third was that I had my place in history. The validation came when I first saw my name next to greats like Danny Hodge and Jushin Liger. That still makes me smile.

Who has been your toughest challenger to date?

A: Honestly I cant answer that. So far its been a who”s who of jr. heavyweights. Ill name a few that standout in no particular order. Nick Madrid, Chase Owens, Tokyo Monster Kahagas, Johnny Yuma, Derek Neal, Rudy Russo, Famous B, Steve Anthony, and Pedro Ortega.

Q: You mentioned Chase Owens above. He is the #1 contender. When does he get his shot?

A: Every so often there is someone who comes along who is a natural in this business. I was once one of those. I consider Chase Owens to be a natural as well. Heck his nickname says it all. He is ” The Real Deal”. He will get his shot one day and it will be a fight for the ages.

Q: Talk a little about July 14th and your battle with Sebastian Cruz?

A: Cruz is one of a kind. Unfortunately for him he is my first defense on my east coast swing. I have a lot of pent up aggression towards the original 13 colonies for their opinion of the South and our style of wrestling. For that Cruz will have to suffer.

Q: Do you plan on challenging for the NWA heavyweight title one day? Who would you like the champ to be at the time if you were to get a shot?

A: If I was lucky enough to get a shot at The 10 Pounds of Gold id like to face Adam Pearce. To me Adam Pearce has been the best independent wrestler for the last decade. A true competitor wants to face the best and in my eyes Pearce is the best heavyweight out there and I am the best pound for pound wrestler out there so I say it would definitely be worth seeing.

Me: Thank you Kevin for your time. You are indeed a fighting champ and someone the NWA can be proud of.

KD: Thank you as well Jason. Anytime my friend

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