A look at CWFH Open Door Policy

CWFH Open Door Challenge 11-03-13

It was recently reported on SoCalUNCENSORED about The Open Door Policy in place at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.   This isn’t exactly a “new” policy for the promotion.  The promotion’s premier episode of CWFH featured the likes of Claudio Castagnoli (prior to his debut in WWE as Antonio Cesaro), Rocky Romero, and TJ Perkins.  Later Austin Aries had an extended period of time.  International Tag Teams like TMDK (Shane Hase and Mikey Nichols) and the UK’s Muscle Cats and the appearances at live shows by Matt Hardy, Chavo Guerrero Jr. and more.

I’ve recently spoken to sources within Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and although head match maker Jon Ian hasn’t returned my messages to confirm, there will be quite a few surprises at their Non-Televised Commerce Casino Event on November 3rd 2013.  Here is a statement from CWFH Producer, David Marquez:

“The point to this card is to allow talent to issue challenges that will allow them to put themselves to the test. I’ve already collected several interesting challenges and our staff is currently negotiating with Reps from their respective company’s. I anticipate a full card will be available by weeks end, and I assure you this is a show you don’t want to miss”, stated Ian.

“I’ve produced many events over the years and I’m going on record and stating that the “Open Door Challenge” is the start of something special in the history of CWFH. I encourage our very loyal fan base to tell everyone they know and make plans to join us live!”, said CWFH Executive Producer David Marquez.

5PM bell time and due to contractual issues, this event will not be televised and the only way to see it is by being at Commerce in person! To purchase ticket, please follow the link.

More news to follow.

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