A Letter to Phil Shatter– By Adam Pearce

Poor Phill Shatter.
Now that a few days have passed and you’ve had time to reflect on your little ‘incident’ last weekend in Charlotte, I thought it most appropriate to address you and your recent video warning to me. You told me to ‘watch over my shoulder’ that ‘you’d be everywhere I turn’.
How incredibly stupid are you?
Did you think that your words were somehow going to strike fear into my heart and force me to cower at the very mention of your name? Did you think I’d run and hide and live afraid that BIG BAD SHATTER was going to hurt me?
You’re a fool. You try to play mind control with the man that wrote the book on it. That’s why I haven’t responded until now. Because my words aren’t hollow. My words are to be feared. My words bring action, Shatter.
I’m a connected man. In some 15 years in this industry I’ve made friends and business partners, and every single one of them with purpose. I’m calculating, Shatter. I’m making moves before moves need to be made, because I’ve got to stay one step ahead. And that’s why I’ve entrusted men like Jim Cornette, Larry Sweeney, C. Edward Vander Pyle, and Nick Bockwinkel. Oh. And Jeff G. Bailey.
That’s right, Shatter. THAT Jeff G. Bailey.
Haven’t put it together, yet? You think that Kimo and Bailey laid waste to you for no reason? Think again.
Now, I’m far too classy to put a bounty out on someone. I like to think of it as a ‘workplace incentive’. You can call it whatever you want. I call it ‘dealing with a nuisance’. I call it ‘shutting you up’, Phill Shatter. And so far, it’s worked.
I’m sure we’ll meet again. And where ever it is, be it in Texas for Ken Taylor, in the Midwest for Rico Mann, or right back in Charlotte, next time after you lose to the modern day legend of the NWA, I do hope you’ll keep that big mouth of yours a little more tight-lipped.
Who is looking over their shoulder now?
– “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce
NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion

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