A disputed NWA World Champion or a typo?

White Tiger, Mr. Paws and Claws of NWA Main Event will be competing for former NWA affiliate Great Championship Wrestling. Some well known names will be appearing at the event like former NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion: Jimmy Rave, former WWE Star Bull Buchanan, Johnny Swinger, and Tiger’s opponent and former WWE Referee Mike Posey.
But the confusion comes in regards to the match up between Posey and White Tiger. GCW is billing this match as a NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship match, however its pretty well known that Mike Quackenbush is the reigning NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion. Tiger is the reigning NWA Top Rope (NWA Main Event Affiliate) Jr. Heavyweight Champion. So perhaps it is a misunderstanding.

Regardless, White Tiger has been gaining momentum in the Tennessee area and perhaps this branching out is what it will take for him to get a show at Mike Quackenbush. We all remember Quack’s propensity of ripping masks of wrestlers who resemble Tigers. Could it be long before Tiger challenges Quack? Do you think White Tiger should get a NWA World Title shot at Mike Quackenbush?

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