A Comedy of Errors… two new NWA licensees fail right out of the gate

In a video published on YouTube via NRW Wrestling on October the 25th reveals that NRW has in fact joined the National Wrestling Alliance.  However the troubling part about the video besides the unauthorized usage of History & Tradition: The Story of the National Wrestling Alliance as well as footage from both Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and the Showcase (both owned by David Marquez) is that the very first words you hear on the video belong to the former NWA Executive Director Bob Trobich.

What a black eye for Bruce Tharpe and the NWA.  Not only did one of their newest member steal footage for their announcement, but the left the Trobich voice over in the video.  Almost nullifying the fruit of Tharpe’s labor the past 3 years.  What happened to the quality control of the National Wrestling Alliance?

Then it gets worse…

The edited Facebook Version and the Original still at NWARingside.com

“Bruce Tharpe and Chris Ronquillo assumed leadership and began the long, arduous process of returning the NWA to its former glory. So far their efforts have been extremely successful.”  Hasn’t it been about a year since Ronquillo has been involved with the NWA?  Do these promotions both NRW and TCW  even know who or what the NWA is these days?  Worse does the NWA care to even do the simplest quality control to make sure these mistakes don’t happen? I can’t make this stuff up, what an embarrassment for the NWA.

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