A Challenge Has Been Made and answered.

Nick Aldis has heard and accepted the challenge of Mike Bennett who are scheduled to face off at Prime Time Live, September 15th on the inaugural episode of the episodic PPV presented by the United Wrestling Network

Since the announcement was made that the NWA with partner with the United Wrestling Network on The Primetime live pay-per-view series, the question that came to the forefront was who would challenge Nick Aldis for his ten pounds of gold. After weeks of anticipation today that challenge what’s my made.

The last time Mike Bennett was on WWE programming, he was teaming with Tony Neise. Bennett was a victim of the large roster cuts the WWE made during a global pandemic. It was widely rumored that Bennett had asked for his release, prior to the release from contract. It is no secret that Bennett time in the WWE what’s fruitful. The only thing noteworthy how about his time there, was a brief run with the WWE 24/7 title, that he lost to his wife, regained briefly, before losing to R-Truth.

Prior to his time in the WWE, Mike’s Bennett had been a Ring of Honor tag team champion also and IWGP tag team champion, and also held the TNA X Division title.

Nick Aldis joined the This Is The NWA Podcast and accepted the challenge presented by Bennett. Aldis understands Bennett ‘s, respects him professionally, but feels personally slighted by his challenge. Nick Aldis defends the Ten Pounds of Gold tomorrow night in Richland Hills, TX as he takes on Jeff Cobb and a mystery opponent.

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