#7LevelsOfHate Documentary Review


In The End, Good Triumphed Over Evil

Adam Pearce

7 LEVELSThe Seven Levels of Hate Documentary tells the story of the trials and tribulations that Adam Pearce and Colt Cabana faced, while creating one of the biggest wrestling feuds of all of 2012.  The often murky waters are cleared up by the introspective of Pearce and Cabana along with the promoters who were responsible for showcasing the matches between the two.  The feud between Pearce and Cabana broke new ground in Independent Wrestling, spilling into a total of six promotions in seven cities.   Pro Wrestling Illustrated acknowledge the efforts of Pearce and Cabana as a Runner Up in 2012, this was the first time since 1996 a feud was acknowledged by PWI that wasn’t backed by national television program.

Pre-Sale of the two Disc set will continue until September 15th.  The production of the DVD were of the highest caliber.  By comparison it looked like a DVD you would purchase from the WWE.  Everything from the production stand point, transitions, music, and graphics were very professional – a standard not typically see on the independent circuit.

The DVD is billed as the uncut story of Independent Wrestling’s Greatest Feud, but it is really a lot more than that.  This very fascinating peek behind the curtain reveals raw emotion and answers to previous questions that were once deemed too taboo to speak about, clearing up many rumors and innuendos.  Psychology of the matches are explained, as well as the history the two men have shared dating back to their days of high school football, but ultimately, the story transcends what most wrestling fans could ever fathom and delves into the politics that would remove the NWA World Heavyweight Championship from the Series.

Never did I, or will I, say I quit.

Colt Cabana

This particular quote by Cabana, embodies the spirit of both men who would not quit, even when the NWA quit on them.  The story is told directly from the mouths of Pearce and Cabana, but the documentary goes into details with the promoters that helped to make the matches happen; David Marquez, Sheldon Goldberg, and Chris Gough just to name a few. A few other notable comments come from the notorious Stu Stone, James Morgan, and Bill Apter, even the late, great Percy Pringle chime in on this unprecedented feud.

Fans of Adam Pearce, Colt Cabana, the NWA, or people who just enjoy good wrestling, this is certainly the movie for you. All seven matches are included with the documentary as well as the two hour documentary. I highly recomend this film as I believe the fans of this website will too.

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