51st Annual Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion 2016 in Las Vegas, Nv

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Every Year the Cauliflower Alley Club brings to you its annual CAC reunion in Las Vegas, Nv on April 11-13, 2016. Its where the Past, Present & Future in the world of Pro Wrestling come to meet up, catch up & have a great time.

Keep in mind that certain areas of the CAC reunion is Free for the General Public to Attend:
The Nostalgia Room is open to the general public and is free of charge. There will be wrestlers and other vendors selling merchandise. There is no set schedule for when certain wrestlers will be present, they kind of come and go as they please during the hours of operation for the Nostalgia Room. Most wrestlers do not mind giving an autograph. However, keep in mind this is not a FanFest, so please refrain from asking a wrestler to sign multiple items.

The CAC will also be hosting Seminars, Annual Award Banquet & other fun activities to attend BUT for those who would like to attend, You must purchase a Banquet Ticket & must be a member of the CAC in order for you to attend these special seminars.
To Purchase your CAC & Banquet tixs: www.caulifloweralleyclub.org.

Two special seminars that is taking place at this years CAC Reunion:

Health, Nutrition & Fitness Seminar by So Cal’s Own & Current EWF/Vendetta Pro Wrestling’s Ricky Najjar & Stardom President, Lucha Underground’s Cheerleader Melissa Anderson:

Health, Nutrition, & Fitness Seminar for Workers. Learn FAQ’s, Meal Preparation, Supplementation, & Training Plan for all ages from Seniors to Beginners.

Come enjoy Samples & Give-a-Ways!

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To know more about Ricky Najjar, here’s an interview Here

Gimmicks: Gorgeous George to Chikara a look at gimmicks in wrestling and how they range from the traditional (masks, foreign heels, etc) to the outrageous like in Chikara, Hoodslam, Kaiju Big Battel, etc
Presented by So Cal’s own & EWF’s Jake Metal

Vendetta 04-10-16 flyer

The Casino Royale wrestling shows, which run Sunday and Monday nights, are free of charge and open to the general public & will be featuring a lot of professional wrestling from several promotions.

Bell Time for both days: 630p

Here’s the card for this event as of now:

Casino Royal Rumble Match (on April 10th)
Second Chance Rumble Match (on April 11th)
The winners of these two matches will then compete in the main event for the 2016 Cauliflower Alley Cup!

6 Man Championship Stakes Match-(person who scores the win by pinfall or submission not only wins the match for their team, but takes away the title of the person who suffers the defeat as CCW puts the NWA Heritage title, NWA CCW Midwest title and NWA CCW Television title all on the line. Meanwhile, Team BCW puts the NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Championship, NWA Pac NW Television title and NWA Continental Wrestling title all on the line):
Team CCW-Ron Kincaid, Dallas Davidson & Joey Owens
Team BCW-Buddy Highway, Badd Blood & Lonstar

Bobby Sharp & The NWA Western States Tag Team Champions The Von Dooms (Vintage Dragon & Cyanide)
The Midnight Delight (Billy Blade, Richie Slade and Sean Casey)

Smash Mouth Wrestling’s Bull of the Woods Championship:
Sammy Guevara (c) vs Ricky Starks

“The Warlord of Weird” Sinn Bohdi & Markus Burke
“The Rocker” Marty Jannety & Kobra Kai

plus more!

Again this will all be taking place in Las Vegas at the Gold Coast Casino from April 10th-13th
For all info visit: http://www.caulifloweralleyclub.org/

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