5 Years Ago… The Genesis of Alliance-Wrestling.com

Alliance-Wrestling.com’s roots stretch all the way back to the original NWA Message Board. Being an active member of the message board and learning about the happenings of NWA Florida, Shinya Hashimoto’s Zero One Fighting Athlete, and reading about the exploits of Steve Corino, Hashimoto, and Dan Severn battling for the Worlds Championship took me back to my childhood.

I’ve been a fan of wrestling for as long as I can remember. I don’t remember a time in my life that I didn’t carve out an hour or so a week and watch professional wrestling. Growing up a Hulk-A-Maniac I was always drawn to the less flashy more action style of the National Wrestling Alliance I could catch on the Superstation TBS. It was then I would learn about wrestling from the likes of Ric Flair and the 4 Horsemen, Dusty Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat, Nikita Kolov, Magnum TA, and so many more. It became a family tradition tuning into the weekly 3:05PM Start (I’m a West Coaster), on Saturday Night. With great anticipation we’d watch the matches unfold right in our living room, watching the Nature Boy retain his 10lbs of Leather and Gold by any means necessary.

Fast forward 20 years, the NWA Chose to end its long-time message board. I decided to open my own message board, hoping to keep the community of the original message board in tact. But the more I digested of the NWA, the more I wanted to know. NWA ended its relationship with TNA wrestling and it was very difficult to keep up with what was happening in the NWA. Growing frustrated with the inability to find out what was going on and knowing others too, were filling my same frustrations; I decided to attempt to cover the NWA. With NWA Pro Wrestling kicking off in Southern California with the Inoki Dojo and Alternative Wrestling show, the site started off focusing on the Reclaiming the Glory Worlds Heavyweight Championship Tournament, the promotions in Southern California and keeping taps on what was happening with the other Board of Directors. Soon I started compiling video promos, from the champions like the NWA National Champion Chance Prophet, NWA North American Champion Dru Onyx, and all the challengers who made their voices heard of their desires to win the championships. Next I began to do interviews with the same big names who became movers and shakers in the NWA like Joey Ryan, Karl Anderson, and the other Board of Director Champions. The site continued to grow… to out grow its url, I created the Alliance-Wrestling.com web address. And now after 5 Years of promoting the National Wrestling Alliance with this website, I’m happy to announce the New Alliance-Wrestling.com Website. We’ve spent the past five years celebrating the rich history of the NWA and watching it blaze a path to heights it hasn’t seen in years. The Legacy continues, with the all new Alliance-Wrestling.com.

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