5 Challengers for Danny Limelight’s UWN World Championship we want to see!

“The Radioactive Papi” Danny Limelight became the 3rd United Wrestling Network World Champion after defeating Jordan Clearwater at the Christmas Eve Episode of Championship Wrestling presented by CarShield. His first title defense has also been announced as he will defend his World Championship against ALL ELITE WRESTLING’s EDDIE KINGSTON on January 14, 2023 at the Red Carpet Rumble from Mesa, AZ. The toughest test there is for Danny Limelight but if he is able to somehow retain the title who should be next in line? Let us take a look at 5 Challengers we want to see!


“The Genetic Nightmare” Mike Anthony & “Gunshow” Brett Michaels have been battling each other for over 1 1/2 years now for the Memphis Wrestling Heritage Championship and who is the face of that brand. Many fans – Memphis & United fans – are waiting for the first World Championship defense in Memphis. If any of the Memphis rostee should challenge for the title it should be one of them.


Rocky Romero & Danny Limelight have a long history together in NJPW Strong. Rocky took Danny under his wing when NJPW Strong first started but when Team Filthy started, Danny turned on his mentor and joined Team Filthy. They faced each other multiple times than in Tag Team Matches but a Single Match is still on the horizion so… Why not for Danny Limelight’s United Wrestling World Championship – something The Radioactive Papi worked so hard for to get? What a sweet revenge for Rocky would be to take the title of Limelight? Rocky Romero is no stranger to United Wrestling gold as he is a former World Television Champion when he took the belt of Scorpio Sky years ago.


A opponent Danny Limelight really want to face in the past few years is Lince Dorado, who you can see in MAJOR LEAGUE WRESTLING & NJPW STRONG. Lince Dorado would love to face Danny Limelight so a Match Up between those two for the title would make sense. Limelight plans to defend the title in Puerto Rico so Dorado would be the ideal opponent for this historic Championship defense outside of the United States.


Jordan Cruz & Danny Limelight went back & fourth on social media when Jordan was the United Wrestling Heritage Champion. When they finally faced each other for the Championship in a 3 Way Match it was “OUTLANDISH” Zicky Dice who walked out as Champion. While Danny Limelight was climbing the rankings and won the United Wrestling World Championship, the Modern Spartan went to a different path by defeating The Bodega’s “KING FAT BOY” Papo Esco to win the United Wrestling World Television Championship. Their rivalry is far from over so why not this time for the United Wrestling World Championship?


Speaking of Papo Esco. After his United Wrestling World Television Championship reign King Fat Boy is one of the favorites to win the Red Carpet Rumble. He made it very clear from the beginning when the United Wrestling World Championship was officially coming to the brand that he wants to win the title. Imagine a Main Event between The Bodega members and what a reaction it would draw at Irvine Improv? It would be their first bout against each other after defending the Tag Team Titles in 2020 together multiple times.

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