3 Successful World Championship defenses in Canada

3 Piledrivers to finish "Mr. Beefy Goodness"

Like a conquering hero, once again the National Wrestling Alliance Worlds Heavyweight Champion stares into the face of Social Healthcare, Hockey, and bad beer and walks out with his arms raised.

With Albera’s own Vance Nevada wedged in between title defenses Pearce had to be on his best game as he returned to Sakatchewan and Alberta.  Defeating top challengers Chris Lloyd in Lashburn and Principal Pound in Moose Jaw, it was in Red Deer, Pearce would face his nemesis in Vance Nevada.  “Mr. Beefy Goodness” vs. “Scrap Iron” for the legendary 10 pounds of gold, the last time these two faced off Nevada was nearly crowned the NWA World Champion.

3 Piledrivers to finish "Mr. Beefy Goodness"

Pearce’s next scheduled defenses come next weekend when the World Heavyweight Champion brings the title back to Wisconsin as he faces the formidable Sadist. And the very next day he takes on Heath Hatton in Illinois.

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