FSW rejoins the United Wrestling Network

Future Stars of Wrestling has recently announced it has returned to it’s partnership with the United Wrestling Network. FSW was one of the original members of the United Wrestling Network launch back in 2012. No specific reason was ever publicly announced why the organizations stopped working together, but over the years talents from FSW have appeared on United Wrestling Network produced programs like CWFH and CWFAZ. Talents like Chris Bey, Sandra Moon, Reno Scum all came from FSW, prior to joining the CWFH Roster.

Now that the announcement has been made formal, you could expect to see more FSW talents appear not only on the Prime Time Live pay-per-view series, but additionally you’ll probably see United Tag Team Champions SoCal Distancing and United TV Champion Dan Joseph begin appearing on FSW.

FSW also announced last week that they secured a new television deal and where seeking broadcasting partners. Good news for pro wrestling fans in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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