1/2 of NWA North American Tag Team Champions JR Mega Berates WWE Signee Calvin McGrath!!

The intensity of the already amped up Burgh Brawl 15 live event just pick up another notch as NWA North American Tag-Team Champion JR Mega has begun a literal war of words with his opponent at Burgh Brawl, recent WWE signee Calvin McGrath!!
JR Mega has always displayed a very cocky side, but… seemed to be the quiter one of his tag-team Team Mega as his partner Ashton Amherst would most of the arrogant speaking. However, it appears that JR Mega does indeed have something to talk about…..himself!!
According to NWAEast.com, Mega has just released a video with him berating Calvin McGrath and talking about how this isnt a going away party for the soon-to-be-departing Calvin McGrath to Florida to begin his developmental contract with the WWE, but rather a coming out party for JR Mega.
Literally seconds ago, McGrath was contacted, and while he had just viewed the video by Mega, Calvin did have a message to send back to Mega. Calvin has gone on record as saying it is really easy to talk into a camera about what you are gonna do to someone, but actually showing up and doing it face to face is totally different. Calvin went on to wonder how Mega would do anymore talking when he grabs him by the throat and “pops his head off his shoulders”.
McGrath is doing his final rounds on the independent circuit as he gears up for his developmental deal with the WWE. This is his last appearence in the NWA-East and apparently JR Mega is looking to make a name for himself at McGrath’s expense.
It shall be interesting to see how this escalates over the next several days leading into Burgh Brawl 15 as it now seems as though the most recent match on to the card could be one of the most personal!!
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