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Ten years. Ten years, seems to go by in a blink of an eye. And oh lord has the National Wrestling Alliance changed over the past decade. When the Alliance first started things were very different. The NWA World Heavyweight Championship was a major part of then TNA Wrestling.  It wasn’t long after this site was created that the NWA and TNA would split ways.  It was a new era for the NWA, one that would see “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce become the barometer to what a good champion measured up to.  Where the NWA would make inroads to television and larger arena shows.  It felt the NWA was really on to something bigger and better.  Until litigation brought a new ownership to the legacy of the NWA.  At first it seemed as if the ball was still rolling with the NWA World Champions defending in New Japan.  However, their time was fleeting and the global recognition of the would diminish.  With PWInsider reporting that Billy Corgan has purchased the National Wrestling Alliance it seems the NWA is heading into a new dawn.

They say hope springs eternal.  Here’s hoping that the NWA is headed into new heights in 2017 and beyond.  And The Alliance will continue to do what it’s done for the past decade.  To continue to be the website of record for all NWA news and information.  Thanks for being a part of this wild ride.

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