10 names we want to see back for the UWN Women’s Championship Tournament

For years fans called for a United Wrestling Network Women’s Championship. While Memphis Wrestling launched a Memphis Women’s Championship – which was also defended on United Wrestling Network Live PPV Prime Time Live in 2021, the fans wanted to see UWN finally launch the title with the rebranding of their flagship show “Championship Wrestling”. With the rebranding and the launch of Derby City Wrestling we see a lot of new names like Johnnie Robbie, Savanna Stone, Brittnie Brooks, Big Mama, Alexis Littlefoot but also well-known names like Allysin Kay, Marti Belle or Alex Gracia join United Wrestling. With Women from Championship Wrestling, Derby City Wrestling & Memphis Wrestling they have enough names to crown a Women’s Champion with a cross-brand tournament. But is it enough? We take a look at 5 names we would love to see in the tournament…

1.Heather Monroe

There is no doubt that “The Killer Bae” is the first name that MUST be in the tournament. Heather Monroe became the unofficial “Queen of United Wrestling Network” when she defeated Barbi Hayden at the Event in China 2018. She dominated the Women’s Division from that point on. While she made a lot of enemies in the Division, she took her competition to her level. She left Championship Wrestling when she moved states (+ getting kicked out by Halston Boddy, who replaced her with Viva Van) and appeared on Memphis Wrestling – where she won the Memphis Women’s Championship. In fact she won & defended the Memphis Women’s Title at the same day on TV & PPV in 2 different states! Since leaving Memphis Wrestling she won several Single’s & Tag Team Championships outside of the United Wrestling Network bubble.

2.Viva Van

Viva Van replaced Heather Monroe in the Halston Boddy’s stable at the end of 2021 but never got the chance to show what she can do with the Main Role in the Women’s Division due to the rebranding of Championship Wrestling. After she left United Wrestling Network, she won several titles on the West Coast making her a real belt collector and even debuted in Mexico for AAA. If United is going with a tournament for a Women’s Championship, Viva Van should be in there 100% as she is considered as one of the best female wrestlers on the West Coast.

3.Sandra Moone

Sandra Moone started as a manager for Tomaste before she started to be active in the ring. She was on the way to the top of the Women’s Division against Heather Monroe before dislocating her shoulder. While she didn’t get back into a major role in the UWN Women’s Division after that, Sandra fought her way to the top at her home promotion Future Stars Of Wrestling by becoming FSW Women’s Champion. She left FSW & the title behind and fought her way up to West Coast Pro Wrestling, PrideStyle Pro, AEW Dark, ROH and more. She’ll also make her Japan debut very soon for Marvelous Pro Wrestling.

4. Ruby Raze | 5. Cece Chanel

The Equal Opportunity A** Kicker had a huge role in the Women’s Division for Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and was the first & only female who competed in the Red Carpet Rumble. While she’s not a regular on United Wrestling Network anymore – you can see her on WOW Superheroes – she deserved to be in the Women’s Championship Tournament + she would be one of the favorite to win the Championship.

Like Ruby Raze, Cece Chanel is not a regular anymore with United Wrestling Network as she can be seen on WOW Superheroes. But she grew as a in-ring performer in Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and many United fans would love to see her back in a United Wrestling ring.

6. Dani Jordyn

Dani Jordyn was the standout in the Championship Wrestling From Atlanta Women’s Division. She injured her wrist towards the end of Championship Wrestling From Atlanta and after nearly 2 years she finally returned to in ring competition at Zicky Dice’s show. The Real Mean Girl still has some unfinished business with Marti Belle…

7. Reka Tehaka

Like Ruby Raze & Cece Chanel, Reka Tehaka is now on WOW Superheroes but played a big role in the beginning of the new Women’s Division of Championship Wrestling. She was originally Savanna Stone’s partner in United Wrestling Network, before Stone teamed up with Alex Gracia and now The Institution. She has been seen by many fans as one of the favorite to become the first United Wrestling Women’s Champion and maybe she will make her back to UWN now that the title is coming to the programm.

8. Delilah Doom

Delilah Doom only appeared once in a 6-Women Tag Team Match since the rebranding of Championship Wrestling. But why should she be in the tournament? Well… She is – also seen by many co-workers – one of the best if not the best female Wrestler in Southern California. She has a big role in the Santino Bros Wrestling Academy and the United Wrestling Network fans haven’t even seen a portion of her skills. Her matches could also steal the show in the tournament.

9. Christi Jaynes

The Brazilian is known now as CJ in NWA – as a Valet. Due to her role there, some fans forget that she is also a Wrestler who competed in Japan’s STARDOM and was a former AAW Pro Women’s Champion. She debuted for United Wrestling Network around 2018 and has been on the pandemic PrimeTimeLive PPV series. A return to United Wrestling Network as a In-Ring performer could open some NWA eyes that they are wasting a in-ring talent, who could compete for the NWA Women’s World & Women’s TV Title.

10. Marina Shafir

“The Problema” debuted for United Wrestling Network in 2021 for Championship Wrestling From Atlanta – where she worked her way up to AEW Dark. She was also a big part of the relaunch of Championship Wrestling Women’s Divisiom in 2022 before she went on full time for AEW. Having her in the tournament would be a huge game changer as she would add herself to the list as potential winners of the Women’s Championship.

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