01/30/10 NWA ECCW Results

NWA Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling
January 30, 2010
Russian Community Centre
Vancouver, BC, Canada

RESULTS: Juggernaut Dominates In Vancouver!

After the brutal three-way dance for the NWA Canadian heavyweight title in Surrey, Juggernaut was itching to get another piece of Sid Sylum! Last Saturday night in Vancouver, Juggernaut got everything he wanted and then some – and the fans at the Russian Community Centre also got a reminder of why Juggernaut is one of the sickest and most feared competitors in the history of ECCW! Even The Natural was not immune to Juggernaut’s onslaught, as he was busted open immediately with a vicious chairshot! Sylum and Juggernaut battered and bloodied each other throughout the Russian Community Centre, sending even fans scattering for cover! Juggernaut nearly crushed Sylum with a huge legdrop off the stage through a table, but back inside the ring, Sylum pulled the referee into the way of a sickening chairshot by Juggernaut! A distracted Juggernaut was left open for several vicious lariats by Sylum, who could not knock the monster down! Juggernaut dodged another lariat attempt and scooped Sylum up, dropping him on his head with the K-Driller and scoring the three-count to cap off a victorious return to Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling!

Before Kenny Lush and “Brilliant” Billy Suede could prepare to face Egos & Icons for the NWA/ECCW tag team championship, both Lush and Suede were attacked not only by Tony Baroni and Jamie Diaz, the two men defending the gold in Vancouver, but by their stablemate Nick Price as well! Lush’s main squeeze, Nicole Matthews, came to ringside to attack Price and even up the sides, as the match broke down into chaos before it could even begin! Suede grabbed the microphone and challenged Egos & Icons to a six-person tag team match – Baroni, Diaz and Price against Suede, Lush and Matthews! NWA Pacific Northwest representative Michael Sweetser made the match official, and the contest was underway! After a fantastic back and forth contest with several spectacular maneuvers, Matthews executed her Roll the Dice maneuver on Price to score the surprising victory for her team! Lush, Suede and Matthews celebrated with the NWA/ECCW tag team championship belts as Egos & Icons screamed at Sweetser in protest. Sweetser then announced that due to Matthews not being on the original contract and the match becoming a six-person tag, the belts would remain with Egos & Icons.. but that on Saturday night, March 6th in Vancouver, Egos & Icons would defend the NWA/ECCW tag team championship against Kenny Lush & “Brilliant” Billy Suede… in TLC V! Tables, ladders and chairs will be the name of the game, and whoever is the best tag team in ECCW will have to prove it by climbing the ladder to claim the gold!

Due to the victory by Rick The Weapon X & El Phantasmo in Surrey over The Divine Prophet & Artemis Spencer, as part of a special Saturday Sermon, Artemis Spencer had no choice but to shave off The Divine Prophet’s beard! That’s not to say that the Church of the Divine Prophecy didn’t try everything they could to get out of it, even offering up the tiny goatee of the Tiny Prophet instead! Michael Sweetser, El Phantasmo and Rick The Weapon X stormed to ringside, demanding that the stipulation be upheld! Snipping off a tiny portion of the Divine Prophet’s beard didn’t count, and even Artemis Spencer faking his own demise didn’t get them out of the stipulation. Finally, after Sweetser threatened indefinite suspension of the entire Church, Artemis Spencer did the deed – removing the Divine Prophet’s beard once and for all! Rick and Phantasmo celebrated in various ways with the remnants of the beard, sending the Prophet and Spencer into a rage-filled attack on the two of them! Spencer went straight for Rick’s leg, nearly snapping it in two with a vicious double-stomp from the top rope onto a chair wrapped around the leg! Rick the Weapon X had obviously suffered a serious injury, but still gutted it out to face Spencer later in the evening. Spencer targeted the leg almost exclusively, and although Rick fought as long as possible with only one good wheel, another double stomp off the top directly onto the knee and a single-leg crab was enough to get the injured Australian to tap out.

Scotty Mac & Dropkick Murphy thought they’d have a fair shot at beating two men they used to look up to, “Rocket” Randy Tyler & Ladies Choice.. but that was before “The Mayor” Austin Spencer stuck his nose in their business! The Mayor announced that the CAC had ordered that due to infringement upon Randy Tyler – who made a “generous contribution” recently – that Scotty Mac could not use either his springboard dropkick or his superkick, and doing so would risk disqualification! The change definitely changed Scotty’s gameplan for the contest, as two of his best weapons were removed from the equation.. but not from Tyler’s, as the Sweet Potato Pie by Tyler on Dropkick sealed the victory for the BBC!

The failed attempt to remove El Phantasmo’s mask in Surrey didn’t stop “Dastardly” Danni Deeds from attempting to complete his mission to unmask the popular Phantasmo, as the two did battle once again in Vancouver! Both the Divine Prophet and Tiny Prophet tried to get involved, sliding a chair to Deeds, but Phantasmo stopped Deeds from using the chair.. then suddenly struck Deeds in the skull with the chair, drawing a disqualification! Deeds won the match, but it appears that Phantasmo won the war, at least on this particular night!

In other action in Vancouver, “The Mayor” Austin Spencer defeated Callos, and AC Zeidel pinned Fast Freddy Funk.

ECCW returns to the Bridgeview Hall in Surrey for our first event in the month of February, on Friday night, February 19th! Already signed is a blockbuster intergender tag team main event, as NWA Canadian heavyweight champion Scotty Mac teams with Tenille Tayla to face the Pop Culture tandem of Bishop and SuperGirls champion Veronika Vice! In addition, Gurv Sihra returns from his recent injury to defend the NWA Canadian junior heavyweight championship against the man he took the title from, Azeem The Dream – and Azeem will try to regain the title by himself, without The Natural in his corner! Tickets are on sale here at ECCW.com right now, so be sure to get your tickets for the next great live event from the top professional wrestling organization in all of Canada, Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling!

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