Suede wins the PP3 Cup!

Courtesy of CWFH

Courtesy of CWFH

This past weekend the conclusion to the PP3 Cup came to a head.  Royce Isaacs and Suede Thompson clashed in the finals.  The match will air in the coming weeks on FITE TV or on television through CWFH’s mass amount of affiliates.  “Every PP3 Cup Tournament is a celebration of Percy’s life and invaluable contribution to professional wrestling,” said Says CWFH color commentator, Jonny Loquasto.  The winner of the Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup can challenge for any title in the United Wrestling Network and at any time he or she chooses, a right known as “Percy’s Privilege.”  Previous winners include Ryan Taylor, Ricky Mandel, Yuma, Rocky Romero (who lost his to Eric Watts) and last year’s winner Dicky Mayer.

Suede has yet to announce who he’ll be challenging for this opportunity, but the United Wrestling Network spans several states and many different promotions.  Maybe Suede will travel to New Jersey to challenge the CZW Wired Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman.  Maybe he’ll use his cash in to challenge Nick Bugatti and his FSW No Limits Championship.  Of course the options are limitless for Suede, who’s holding an opportunity to jump right into the spotlight with a dab.

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