New IPW: UK World Champion – Austin Aries

Austin Aries: IPW UK Champion

“In a night of non stop action Mark Haskins valiantly put his freshly won IPW World Championship on the line to kill the ghost of Wembley, however Austin Aries had other ideas.”

The IPW UK World Heavyweight Championship has been in existence since July 16th 2005 when Aviv Maayan defeated Martin Stone and Steve Douglas for the IPW: UK Weekend of Champions in Orpington Halls, Kent, England. Since then there have been 16 men to hold the championship. Until recently Impact Wrestling’s Moose was the champion. However, the Championship was declared vacant on November 22nd when Moose was stripped due to commitments with Pro Wrestling Noah. This would mark the first time the title had been declared vacant.

Mark Haskins would win the title a night ago on Dec 17th by winning a four way Elimination. But only a few hours later, the “greatest man to ever live” Austin Aries would leave the Casino Rooms in Rochester as the new IPW UK World Champion. Aries recently partnered with Chris Ridgeway and the man he defeated for the title to invade Defiant Wrestling, representing IPW: UK. Aries would go on to defeat “The Villain” Marty Scrull to win that companies championship too.

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