New Faces to Debut in Hollywood

Del RioAs many of you know Championship Wrestling from Hollywood will premiere on 110 CW affiliated television stations across the United States and with that in mind we’ve been negotiating with top internationally recognizable talents. Today, I’m pleased to announce two individuals that have agreed to multiple dates and that we believe will contribute to our overall TV presence. First, starting on Sunday September 10th, “El Patron” Alberto Del Rio joins our Cast of regulars and makes his “Hollywood” debut and the other person is no stranger to Del Rio, scheduled to appear on SATURDAY September 23 is Jack Swagger. There are several additional talent’s we’re still in talks with and once our relationship is solid we’ll pass that news on to all of you too, OH and look for news about something very, very special. Remember, these television events are FREE and at the rate we’re going, you truly never know may show up. Please help spread the word and help get the word out!

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Jay Cal has been a fan of pro wrestling since the age of five and has been writing about wrestling since 2003. Jay has been published by, Rudo Can't Fail, and was the former Editor in Chief of Jay Cal also co host the "popular" podcast The Alliance Guys on

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