Leilani Kai joins the NWA

NWA Florida“I am extremely proud to announce that I now have a ownership stake in NWA Florida Wrestling Alliance. I would like to thank Tony Halligan and the NWA for allowing me a opportunity to take my career full circle. I started my career in the NWA. Looking back on my career, I’ve accomplished many things and held many titles. But what I cherish more than any titles I’ve held, any great matches that ive had, what I cherish more are the relationships that I’ve made, the people that I’ve worked with, the wrestlers that I’ve wrestled alongside, the friends and family…that’s what I cherish most. With this move, I’m allowed the opportunity to continue to build relationships and to do as much as I can for professional wrestling in Florida. I grew up with pro wrestling in Florida. It was a huge part of my childhood, a major part of my adult life and I look forward to making professional wrestling a great part of future generations lives. I look forward to great events, excellent matches and some strong venues!”

Leilani Kai recently took to Facebook to announce her involvement with the National Wrestling Alliance.  The NWA has had a revolving door in the state of Florida for quite a bit of time.  Many of our readers will remember Fusion Pro Wrestling, Florida Underground, NWA Florida (Joe Price), Championship Wrestling from Florida, Ring Warriors, etc.

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